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Best way to deliver highly personalized card to girlfriend

HamurabiHamurabi MiamiRegistered User regular
hallo Internet People

I'm giving my girlfriend a Moto G as a present when she gets back from Jordan. She insists on keeping her crappy ancient Android phone that always shits out on her and is the source of a minor amount of stress for her -- and has also become a minor annoyance for me personally as a result. She maintains that getting a new one would be too expensive... so I've decided to do both of us a favor and just get her a really nice one as a homecoming/belated Christmas present.

To reflect the shared utility -- and for humor value -- I plan to include with the phone a card that reads, "This is really a gift to myself" in 11 different languages + English. She speaks/can read and write six at varying levels, so it's a play on her fascination and facility with languages. Some of them (like Farsi and Turkish) are languages she wants to learn. I got a bunch of native speaker friends (some of them mutual friends) to pitch in with translations of the phrase, so there's a nice layer of 'See, all these people also care about you' on top of the basic 'Here is a present' emotion. Her mom gave me the Dutch translation, for instance.

Thing is... I'm not quite sure which is the best way to physically deliver the whole thing. I considered handwriting them all on the inside of a Hallmark, for that extremely personal touch... but that's a looot of work, and my awful penmanship (in languages I don't read/write) may get in the way. My eyes glaze over just looking at the Mandarin script.

So I wanna print it somehow... but not be cheesy and just paste a computer printout into a Hallmark card.

Any ideas?


  • wrong_buttonwrong_button Registered User regular
    Layout the whole thing on computer (front and inside of the card and all) and print it at Kinkos, maybe? Maybe you could do double-duty and have an oversize/plotter sheet printed and wrap it in custom "wrapping paper" with some of the same translations.

  • HamurabiHamurabi MiamiRegistered User regular
    This is what my tentative design looks like, just for context.


    (The "<3 <3 <4" is A Thing we do between us.)

  • ShadowfireShadowfire Vermont, in the middle of nowhereRegistered User regular
    I'd make a card out of it. I think there are sites out there that have card creators (on my phone right now and can't find them) like old Print Shop and such. Use what you have for the inside and take it to kinkos like @wrong_button mentioned.

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