I can't make it this year ):

I'mBadAtMakingUsernamesI'mBadAtMakingUsernames Sydney, AustraliaRegistered User new member
Last year's PAX was amazing, I had so much fun attending. I traveled down from Sydney just to go but I'm afraid this year I'm unable to.

As this year is my last year at high school I will soon be competing against thousands upon thousands of ATAR hungry, teenage genius's in the HSC; whilst I sit and day dream about being in Melbourne. My exams go from the 13th of October to the 7th of November, right when PAX AUS is on. And just to add salt to the wound I have no idea what exact days my exams will be on and I won't find out until two weeks before the exams start.

This sucks but really there is nothing I can do about it. I wish they would have kept the same dates as last year but I guess you can't please everyone. I'm just wondering is there anyone else out there in this exact same situation as me, or is there anyone else with another event blocking them from going to PAX? I'm curious to see.


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    EssThreeEssThree Registered User regular
    The dates are a bit on the questionable side, yeah. I mean, it doesn't affect me because of the nature of my work, but it pretty much kills the chances of any folks studying going.

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    rithrith Perth, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    I'm sure this affects a large number of people in your situation. The dates also happen to be during exam period for most universities.

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    KratzyKratzy Registered User new member
    Same here. I have a exams right around the dates of PAX (Like, on the Friday and Monday :( ) But because I have already purchased a Sat pass and a Sunday pass and I live close to the city I have decided that by the time exams shoot around, I should already be ready by then. Anything I should have everything down pat, so I have decied to go on the Sat as a treat for my first two exams in the week prior to PAX and a small break for the three to come. Not sure what I'll do with the Sunday pass.. shame :'(

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    foehammerfoehammer procrastinator extraordinaire melbourneRegistered User regular
    i am shore this was taken into account when they decided on the date but there are factors we don't know wile it is sad that people wont be able to go i may change next year

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    thegh0ststhegh0sts Sydney, NSWRegistered User regular
    I also can't make it this year: on a working holiday...need to make the monies!

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    stormbladeskystormbladesky Registered User regular
    I would buy One-Day Passes for Friday, Saturday and Sunday but school is on Friday...
    and with all the talk about PAX being so tiring, i wouldn't be able to wake up on Monday morning for another round of schooling, leaving me with a Saturday-only :neutral_face:

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    HeadhunterHeadhunter Registered User regular
    If you're willing to go through the hassle, you could buy your pass/book your hotel (if necessary) now and once you know your exact exam dates at the beginning of October, you can move the pass/cancel the hotel reservation if needed or hold onto them if you can make it.

    PAX is worth making some accommodations for!

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