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Graduating in Arizona want to live in North Carolina

ObiFettObiFett Use the ForceAs You WishRegistered User regular
Long story short: I am graduating from ASU with a BS in Computer Science. My wife and I really want to move to North Carolina. We currently live in Arizona. Problems in doing so include: finding a job and finding a nice area to live near that is also near a University since I want to start working on my Masters in a year. Advice in doing that?

A little more detail: My wife and I are so tired of the dry, forever summer desert that is Arizona. I am from Alabama, so I also miss the green and humidity of the South. So when looking for a place we want to settle down, the Southeast became that place. Our second important quality of where we want to live is that we want to be near a University so that I can pursue my Masters. After looking around, my wife fell in love with the Triangle (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill) in North Carolina.

Now comes the hard part. Finding a job. ASU's job search for students is kind of useless since they tend to be jobs more local to the area. That got me thinking of using other University's job searches to find a job in North Carolina. Expectedly, they are all locked to students. So first question, is it possible to gain access to another University's Career Center? I was thinking of calling up NC State, UNC, and maybe Duke and explaining that I am graduating in May and am looking to move out there for my Masters but can't until I have a job and would like to use their resources. Any chance that would work? If that wouldn't work, does anyone have any idea how to effectively geographically target an area for a job, especially for a new college graduate with some professional experience (2 years in web development)?


  • AssuranAssuran Is swinging on the Spiral Registered User regular
    I'm pretty sure the Triangle has some pretty big firms around there.

    I know my brother-in-law programmed for IBM while living in Raleigh right after he graduated from Case Western about 8 years ago or so.

    I honestly would call up each of the Uni's there explain your situation. The worst thing they can do is hang up on you, which honestly, why would you want to give them money in that case?

  • schussschuss Registered User regular
    I would just use indeed and DICE for that area.

  • lunchbox12682lunchbox12682 MinnesotaRegistered User regular
    linkedin can be helpful too.

  • PhasenPhasen Hell WorldRegistered User regular
    I like glassdoor you can do searches for internships in the Raleigh area. SaS, IBM, red hat and some game companies like epic are located here.

    psn: PhasenWeeple
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