[Let's Play] State of Decay: Breakdown. Update 28 posted.



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    I'm enjoying this game but it is not well suited to my IRL playtime opportunities. Sometimes I only have time to snag one mission, like getting some resources or clearing one infestation. Then I save out and when I come back all progress is seemingly undone by the passage of time. :(

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    Update 28: Fuck juggernauts.
    Not much to note before the group moves on to the next difficulty, some of the survivors were hungry and Elvenshae had to go out and bring home some food for them. Iolo, Elvenshae, Buttcleft, PLA, Sutibun, and Nocturnal (my pick) say goodbye to Skiddles, Felix, Alan, NotoriousBEN, and Dirk before getting in the RV and driving off. (This is the score for the 2nd difficulty level. Not as much done as in the first level, but we didn't spend as much time in this level as the first.)
    The RV ends up breaking down and Elvenshae is selected to go out and look for a new place to call home. He has Iolo search the downed helicopter for anything useful while he climbs a nearby tower to get a look around the area. Looking around he notices that a lot of the surrounding buildings have been fortified and have army markings on them. The surrounding buildings must have been used by the army as a home base, though by the lack of survivors and the number of zombies wearing military fatigues, it didn't end well. Climbing back down Elvenshae spots Iolo trying to get a rucksack free of the helicopter and he goes over to help. Around the helicopter are torn rucksacks, spent shell casings, and other clues that point to anything useful was taken when the helicopter went down; the only reason the rucksack Iolo found was untouched was due to the fact that it was stuck in the debris. Upon opening it Iolo gives out an involuntary woop of excitement, he pulls out two more rounds for his grenade launcher and immediately loads one of them into his gun then puts the other in his backpack. The rest of the contents are a pistol, some loose 5.56mm rounds, two military first aid kits, and two canisters marked AN-MI4 TH3, aka thermite. They put all of the supplies in the supply locker and Elvenshae asks Iolo to come with him to help look for a new home, he agrees and the two of them go to look in the nearby buildings hoping to find some materials. The area used to be a fairgrounds and the layout of the surrounding buildings makes it obvious why the army used it for a home base. Iolo says that the group might be able to make this place their home and Elvenshae responds that its a good idea, but they don't have enough people to properly defend it. They enter a warehouse and take out the few zombies inside before looking for supplies, Iolo finds a gas can that still has fuel inside and Elvenshae finds a stack of building materials. There's enough materials to fill two rucksacks and both Iolo and Elvenshae take one to run back to the RV. The jog improves Elvenshae's cardio to level 6. Since there are no other buildings that Elvenshae thinks are a good home they head for the bridge to cross it and grab the only car that he spotted. They reach the bridge and promptly turn around when they see a horde that is just across and would surely see them if they try to cross it. They look for another way to cross the ravine but the only other option is to head down the road and circle around, taking them quite a ways out of their way. They start heading down the road but Iolo notices that the horde is crossing the bridge, and the only path for it to follow will lead them right to the rest of the group. They both know that they need to take out the horde and decide to meet it head on. Elvenshae takes aim with his shotgun at the horde and waits until it's close enough to pull the trigger.
    The blast shreds a few zombies heads and knocks down most of the ones that survived. Iolo runs past and starts finishing off the zombies that got knocked down with his blade, while Elvenshae takes out his cutlass to get rid of the few zombies at the back of the horde that stayed on their feet. He reached the standing zombies and swung his cutlass low, cutting off a one's legs at the knee. Another zombie took the opportunity to grab him from behind and sink its teeth into his shoulder. He tried to dislodge the zombie but it would not let go no matter how much he hit it, he then saw Iolo's blade swing down and cut the zombie's head in half. Elvenshae yelled at Iolo to duck and lopped off the head of the zombie hoping to grab Iolo. With the horde taken care of they head for the car. Elvenshae tries to ignore the pain in his shoulder, but every time he moves it he gets a jolt of pain. Upon reaching the car Iolo gets in the drivers seat and and Elvenshae climbs in passenger seat, he takes the time to bandage the wound and take some codeine so he can move his arm without grimacing. They drive down the road and stop when they reach a house that Elvenshae thinks would make a good home. Iolo drives the car back to the RV to get the others and Elvenshae grabs a nearby truck to carry their supplies.
    With the survivors settled and defenses set up work is started on cleaning up the bedroom and kitchen, the shed is also cleaned up so that it can be used as a workshop. The first thing to do is build a watchtower, but after the move there are not enough materials to do so. Elvenshae and Iolo go across the street to a construction site looking for some useable materials. All that's left at the site is a barrel of fuel so they turn it into an outpost and head for a nearby house. In the house they have to take out a few zombies before they can safely search it. There are no materials to be found but they do find some food and after loading a rucksack as full as they can, Iolo runs it back home while Elvenshae turns the house into an outpost. Iolo makes it back before Elvenshae is done so he decides to check the shed out back for supplies. After forcing the door he finds a cabinet that has a few cases of ammunition inside, he loads the cases into a rucksack and runs it home. He meets back up with Elvenshae at the house when Lily calls them on the radio, she's getting a lot of reports of survivors spotting hordes and says that getting another outpost set up is more important right now instead of finding materials for a watchtower. They head to the last road to the home that is undefended and start searching the gun shop that is on it. Elvenshae leaves Iolo to search the shop and set it up as an outpost while he checks out a nearby shed. The shed's door is open and it's clear that someone has already taken most anything useful, all he finds is a barrel of fuel that he brings back home. He goes back to the gun shop to see how far along Iolo is and finds him with a big grin on his face, apparently he had found two more rounds for his grenade launcher. The only gun that he found was a revolver, he grabs a rucksack that has some cases of ammunition inside after the outpost is finished and they go home to drop it off. With the fuel that Elvenshae found the range of the outpost's traps are increased. Since the home is well protected at this point Elvenshae and Iolo head out to another construction site to hopefully find some materials.
    On the way they spot a juggernaut close to home and they decide to take it out before it can cause trouble. They get a bit closer and Elvenshae tells Iolo to stand back while he takes aim at the freak with his shotgun. The first blast doesn't seem to do any damage to it, it only seems to piss it off. The juggernaut rushes Elvenshae and he fires off three more rounds into the freak before he rolls out of the way. Getting up he sees Iolo starting to fight off some of the zombies that were lured by the shotgun's blasts, the juggernaut is still focused on him. Ignoring the regular zombies that are close to him, Elvenshae fires his shotgun four more times into the juggernaut. The freak doesn't like this and grabs Elvenshae and, after taking a bite out of him, proceeds to throw him. He knocks a zombie off of him and gets up, there's blood running down his side from where the juggernaut bit into him and his shoulder wound has reopened and blood is running down his arm. Nine rounds into that freak and it wasn't even stunned, even worse the sound of the blasts has drawn dozens of zombies to the area that Iolo is currently fighting. Elvenshae takes out his cutlass and helps Iolo in fighting the zombies, they make sure to keep the group of zombies between them and the juggernaut. They're taking out quite a few zombies, but for each one they kill another seems to take its place. Iolo yells that they may need to make a run for it and Elvenshae then sees that Iolo has quite a bit of blood running down the side of his face, that's when Iolo gets knocked down by the zombies. Elvenshae yells that he'll be there in a second when a zombie grabs him from behind and bites into his shoulder, the same shoulder that was wounded earlier. He cries out in pain and almost drops his cutlass, but he's able to knock the zombie off. He starts cutting through zombies so he can reach Iolo. He almost makes it when the blade of his cutlass breaks off in a zombie's skull, the zombie goes down along with Elvenshae's weapon. Iolo sees this and yells at Elvenshae to just run, forget about saving him and just run. Elvenshae doesn't want to leave his friend there to be eaten by zombies and starts just pushing zombies out of the way to reach him. He hears Iolo yell out in pain and looks to find out the juggernaut has bit into his leg, and torn it off at the knee. Elvenshae sees Iolo holding his blade in one hand and what looks like a round for his grenade rifle in the other. Iolo again yells at him to run and this time, knowing what he plans to do, Elvenshae listens.
    Using the last of his stamina Elvenshae starts running, he doesn't make it far when he hears an explosion from behind him. He doesn't look back, he doesn't want the last memories of his friend to be his scattered remains. Upon reaching the home he opens the front door, stumbles, and falls on the floor. The rest of the group helps get him to the sleeping area and try to stop him from bleeding out. They're able to stop the bleeding from his shoulder and side, but he has already lost quite a bit of blood. They know that Elvenshae was out with Iolo and when they ask him where he is, he mutters something. They can only make out two words, but they're enough to send a shock through the group. Iolo's dead. The fact that of the two most experienced of the group, one is dead and the other shows up with more blood on his clothes than in him, makes the group think the area is more dangerous than they are used to. If they want to survive they'll have to be very careful. They leave Elvenshae in the sleeping area so he can get some rest.

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    @Iolo, I'm going to go back and kill the everliving fuck out of that juggernaut. And then I'm going to build a cairn for you out of the skulls of those zombies we fought, and top it off with the jugg's skull.

    But first, morphinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ...

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    That's nice, @Elvenshae. Maybe not as nice as, you know, being alive. But still very thoughtful.

    Actually this being dead thing is better than it's cracked up to be. I'm still surprisingly mobile, and I feel I have a real clarity of purpose. I like loud noises, am able to maintain strict dietary adherence with ease and enjoy seeking out the company of the living. Close company. With friendly embraces.

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    Needs more nut punching.

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