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Help Me Design Responsively

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Hey all, I recently decided to build a brand new website for a podcast/blog I'm a part of. I decided to challenge myself to design a responsive site (adaptive across various platforms ie desktop, tablet, phone using just CSS and no JS). After several months of work, this is where I'm at:

There are a few issues I'm aware of, mostly related to embedded video content. However, I'm pretty happy with how everything looks/feels/adapts. The easy way to review is to grab your browser window and resize the width, which will show you the appropriate breaks and how the design adjusts.

What I'm mostly looking for are areas where I could be doing better. Where the size of certain elements feels awkward or off. I would also love to hear any feedback on the aesthetics themselves, but bear in mind I'm more concerned with a functional responsive site, so any visual changes would need to work within that paradigm. Also, if anyone has any advice on how better to handle images (I'm using using height:auto and rescaling appropriately) I'd really love to hear it. Thanks!

For full reference, the current breakpoints are at the following widths:


Here are a few screenshots showing how the site generally behaves when adapting, and the goal is that the flow between these states should be as realistically seamless as possible:





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