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Political news/analysis podcasts/streams

MadpandaMadpanda suburbs west of chicagoRegistered User regular
Looking for something I can listen to or preferably watch (internet based, don't have tv hooked up) that covers political news/analysis. Would prefer non biased(lol) or slightly left leaning. NPR livestream is okish but not focused enough, and politico's rss feed is decent for catching up but I find I retain information better if I hear/see rather than read.

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    TheBlackWindTheBlackWind Registered User regular
    Just gonna recommend the Slate Political Gabfest for a podcast. Two focused topics and one more general a week, leans left but still pretty balanced, and cocktail chatter at the end of each episode gives some interesting followup reading.

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    TaekoTaeko Miami, FLRegistered User regular
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