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Hi AC, I've got some goals as an art hobbyist.


The simplest goal is that I would like to draw things for my friends and relatives that they would actually want to put in a frame and display. Say, like, a good rendition of a beloved kitchen/person/curio cabinet.

I'd also like to be able to comic book a bit, but I thought I'd start on goal one above, since I think it fits in better with where I'm at skill-wise. I'm not in school and I don't want an art job.


I like Joe Simpson's black and white work, like http://www.joe-simpson.co.uk/gallery/across-america/sketches/shore-street.aspx#.UtheAGRdVc0 , but I don't think I'll ever have the patience for that level of architectural accuracy. Bill Waterson's outdoor stuff is amazing, and I particularly like how he draws just enough of a scene. In comics (lately) I've enjoyed Saga and Frederik Peeters's Sand Castle.


A little Wacom Bamboo tablet, which I don't use much, and a modest selection of Copic markers and compatible pens.

A friend's little back garden:

Santa collection:

A stack of books:

Here's some things I want to do:

- Find patience in my heart
- Improve volume construction
- Improve inking work with more line control and planning
- Stop doing that thing where I block everything out and then everyone gets bigger when I detail in their heads and suddenly everything is too close together and the people are too big
- Develop some style in strict black-and-white drawing
- Draw giftworthy still-lifes with pen and marker
- Improve face observation so I can simplify faces in ink without rendering them unrecognizable
- Maybe get the hang of a paint medium
- Get able to draw cartoonified people who are recognizable from panel to panel

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