Blood Bound Game 2 - Now being played with the correct rules!

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Welcome to Blood Bound - the game where vampires sit around a table and stab each other!

The full rules can be found on FFG's website.


PBP Adaption
This game involves a lot of table talk and communication once the teams start to get fleshed out. Please check the thread at least once or twice a day - the games are relatively short.

Please use !pass to indicate that you are passing without stabbing, and either !stab or be descriptive for stabs.

For this game, a bolded stab order is required and will be considered as final - you should make your intent to stab someone known so that they can offer a defense (if any) or alternate targets

Every player will be assigned one of these roles. Keep in mind that there could be 0, 1 or 2 of any given role in the game (exception: Inquisitor). Each role has a special ability that can be performed only when you reveal your role. Each role also has a pair of affiliation tokens that provide information on what your role is, and what team you are on. "Colour" refers to a red/blue token appropriate to your team. "Unknown" is a white token.

Rank 1 Rank_1.gif - Elder - (colour, colour) Clan_Rose.gifClan_Rose.gif / Clan_Beast.gifClan_Beast.gif
You are the leader of your clan. When you reveal your role you have the option to take a "quill" Ability_Quill.gif which reverses the ranking order - the player with the highest number is now the leader.

Rank 2 Rank_2.gif- Assassin - (unknown, unknown) Clan_Unknown.gifClan_Unknown.gif
When you reveal your role you have the option to assign two wounds to any player; these wounds cannot be intervened. Afterwards the dagger is given to the attacked player.

Rank 3 Rank_3.gif - Harlequin - (unknown, unknown) Clan_Unknown.gifClan_Unknown.gif
Your clue shows of the OPPOSITE clan (ie the Red harlequin would show Blue). When you reveal your role you can inspect any two player's role cards.

Rank 4 Rank_4.gif - Alchemist - (unknown, unknown) Clan_Unknown.gifClan_Unknown.gif
You can use your ability only when you intervene. When doing so, you may heal OR wound the player you intervene for. If you heal them, they may "hide" one piece of information. They may choose to return their rank token and thus gain a second use of their power. If you wound them, the wound cannot be intervened.

Rank 5 Rank_5.gif - Mentalist - (colour, colour) Clan_Rose.gifClan_Rose.gif / Clan_Beast.gifClan_Beast.gif
When you reveal your role you have the option to assign one wound to any player; this wound must be the rank token, if possible; this wound cannot be intervened. Afterwards the dagger is given to the attacked player.

Rank 6 Rank_6.gif - Guardian - (colour, colour) Clan_Rose.gifClan_Rose.gif / Clan_Beast.gifClan_Beast.gif
When you reveal your role you have the option to guard a player. While a player is guarded he cannot be targetted by the dagger, or by any ability that gives wounds. The guard stops once you recieve your third wound.

Rank 7 Rank_7.gif - Berserker - (colour, unknown) Clan_Rose.gifClan_Unknown.gif / Clan_Beast.gifClan_Unknown.gif
When you reveal your role you have the option to force a wound on your attacker; this wound cannot be intervened. You keep the dagger.

Rank 8 Rank_8.gif - Mage - (colour, unknown) Clan_Rose.gifClan_Unknown.gif / Clan_Beast.gifClan_Unknown.gif
When you reveal your role you give yourself and one other player a "Staff." Ability_Staff.gif Any player with a "Staff" MUST take an unknown affiliation token when revealing affiliation, REGARDLESS of what your role is

Rank 9 Rank_9.gif - Courtesan - (colour, unknown) Clan_Rose.gifClan_Unknown.gif / Clan_Beast.gifClan_Unknown.gif
When you reveal your role you give one player a "Fan." Ability_Fan.gif Any attacks headed for someone with a "Fan" cannot be intervened.

Special role
Inquisitor Rank_Inquisitor.gif. There is at most one Inquisitor
The inquisitor plays by different rules. He may not target anyone that has 3 wounds (ie, may not end the game). When taking an affiliation token, he may take any token he wishes, even otherwise illegal combinations (red & blue for example). When his role is revealed he may give special "curse" cards to other players. One of these will be a "true curse" - only the Inquisitor knows who has the true curse. If the victorious leader has the true curse, then the Inquisitor wins instead. Additionally, the Inquisitor wins if he is killed.

Clan Leader
Each clan has a leader. Each role has a numerical rank, 1 to 9 that represents status in the clan. The lowest number is, by default, the leader of the clan, so normally the Elder is the leader, then the Assassin, and so on, since some roles might not be present. However, the Elder's special ability reverses this ranking for that clan making the highest number the clan leader. The clan leaders are the main targets in the game.

Each turn, the player with the dagger attacks another player. Declare your intent to attack someone in bold and by @ing them. Maybe add a !stab or something, just make it obvious. The attacked player can then either take his wound, or ask for intervention.

The person with the dagger may give the dagger to another player without stabbing them

During normal attacks (not special ability wounds), the attacked player can solicit for interventions. Any player who does not have their rank token revealed may offer to intervene. The attacked player MAY accept any one offer - or none at all. Once accepted, the intervening player automatically takes the wound for the attacked player, revealing his rank (and activating his role's power if desired), and the dagger. In effect, the intervening player becomes the attacked player.

Offering to intervene is binding. You may withdraw the offer by posting again, but if the offer is accepted before you withdraw then you take the wound.

Note that since you can normally only take your role token once, and you can only intervene if you haven't, most people can intervene only once.

Taking a Wound
When you take a wound from anything except an intervention or a mentalist attack, you have the option to disclose any of three pieces of hidden information: your role and each of the two affiliation icons on your card. You may not reveal an already-revealed piece of information. For example, if you were Blue 9, you could choose "rank 9", "blue" or "unknown", but if you choose "unknown" the first time and get attacked again you must choose between "rank 9" and "blue"

If you are healed by the Alchemist's ability, then you can re-reveal the piece you take back.

If you choose to reveal your role by a normal attack, or intervening, not an ability, then you may immediately use your special ability. This is the only time at which you can do so.

The dagger then passes to the wounded player (unless an ability changes who gets the dagger) and the stabbings continue until morale improves a winner is decided

The number of pieces of information you have revealed is known as the number of wounds you have. Each player can be wounded 3 times.

Winning the game
The game ends when any player takes a fourth wound, after which all roles are revealed. If the current player gives the fourth wound to the opposing clan's leader, the attacking player's clan wins. Otherwise, the current player's clan loses and the other clan wins.

If the Inquisitor takes the fourth wound, or the leader of the winning clan has the Inquisitor's True Curse, then the Inquisitor wins instead.

No outside communication
You are free to talk as much as you wish, about anything you wish, in this thread, but private communication between players is not allowed.

Game Setup
6-13 players. The clans are equally divided. For example, in an 8 player game, four roles will be randomly selected for Red, and four for Blue. These then get distributed randomly. Note that this means that each clan will very likely have a different set of roles! One clan could have an Elder for a leader, while the other could easily have the Alchemist as the leader. If there are an odd number of players the Inquisitor is included.

At the start of the game everybody gets a piece of information about one of their neighbours. They will get to peek at their neighbour's colour (but note that the Inquisitor will randomly show as blue or red, and the Harlequin will show as the opposite of what they really are). This is done in a chain, so player 1 shows to player 2 shows to player 3 and so on. This will be included in your initial role PM, along with what you revealed and to who

Some roles benefit from revealing their ranks early - particularly the Guardian, who is completely useless if he reveals his role last, while other roles benefit from waiting - in particular the Assassin - for more information. Try to time your role reveal to have maximum effect, but keep in mind how likely it is that you are actually the leader, and thus painting a target on your back. Or front. And even if you are very low ranked, there is still the possibility that your Elder will make you very high ranked if attacked.

And, it could also be the Inquisitor tricking you into attacking him as the clan leader...

Sign up colourfully. Players not in the last game get priority

@infidel @matev @reg rysk (am I forgetting any other PAX people?)

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