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tricone lab: microbiological puzzle game

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tricone lab: A microbiological puzzle game


Gameplay demo video:

Each level is a microscopic multicellular organism. Each organism contains red, green and blue cone resources. These are the building blocks to make a substance called tricone. You must interact with the organism, using catalysts and other molecules to change its structure and produce tricone.
The organism reacts to your actions, constantly adjusting itself in real time. The first levels are simple and only require cell borders to be broken. As the game progresses, different elements are introduced, creating more difficult logic puzzles and requiring you to think outside the cell.

Download and play the alpha for FREE here

Minimum required specification
CPU: Intel i5 or better, or AMD equivalent.
Graphics card: nVidia or ATI, must support GLSL2.0

Current features
  • Playable alpha build -- see website above
  • 47 logic puzzle levels
  • Real-time cell topology engine
  • Several different cell elements, including breakers, transporters, constructors and autonomous anti-catalysts
  • Full undo capability
  • Key-based player progress persistence -- the game knows not only what levels you've solved but what concepts you've learned
  • In-game descriptions of how each element works -- more information is revealed as you get deeper into the game
  • Online database of level difficulty statistics -- see website above

Planned features
  • More detailed graphical style
  • Full map and level editor, requires no coding -- make your own puzzles
  • More cell elements
  • More levels
  • Languages other than English as required

About the development process
Partickhill Games Limited is a one-man indie gamedev operation based in Glasgow, Scotland. The one man is me, Josh Singer. Sound effects were contributed by Jack Menhorn and the music is by Iain Foxwell.

In order to get valuable gamer community feedback, I have put the game into open alpha status: this means it is unfinished, may have some bugs, but it is free to download and play. So, if you are interested, please go ahead and play through all the levels I've written so far. I'll be releasing some updates to the alpha throughout the process. Once I get enough feedback from the gamer community, I'll be closing off this alpha build and working towards completing the finished product.

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