[Strike Vector] Lose your lunch in 6DoF Comptetive Online Shooting

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Strike Vector is a game about going fast and dogfighting. No wait. Strike Vector is a game about stealth and ambush. Ok that's not right either. Strike Vector is a game about Decent style 6DoF duels in tight environments. Wait. That doesn't cover it either.

It is all of these things.

Here is a Strike Vector video to communicate all of this in moving pictures.


It is a fast paced, aerial deathmatch game. It is intense. It's making my gut tight just thinking about it. I have had to call on skills from both space sims and fast paced arena shooters. Often at once. The feeling when you are performing well is godlike. Threading the needle through a skyborn superstructure to scrape off homing missiles, slamming into harrier mode then pulling a 180 to deliver a blast of rockets and carbine rounds to your pursuers face is amazing. Using the stealthy perk and a cloak to slip into an optimal attack profile on a domination match stealth point is brilliant. If you enjoyed Crimson Skies: High Road to Adventure then you are going to really find a lot here to love. If you enjoy fast paced deathmatch arena action like UT and Quake used to provide then you will likely find a lot to enjoy here. If the flying aspect isn't your thing you can set up to rely on harrier mode. If FPS aren't your style and you are more of a space sim jockey then you can set up your profile to reinforce that style too. And all arms and perks are available right from the start. I've actually seen complaints about it being too much to much to absorb at once! What foolishness! It is a game that has a wide skill range and high ceiling. You will earn every kill, and you feel feel the shame of every crash. You will learn to tear glory out of the very skies and you will do it in four game modes.

First up is Deathmatch. No need for introductions here.

Next up is Team Deathmatch. Like it's crazier bro, TDM is an old friend for many people here.

Then there is Domination. You are probably familiar with the Dom gametype from games like the UT series. In these types of games there are different capture points. When a vector is in the capture zone the capture bar fills up etc. The team that controls the most domination points the longest wins. Kills count for buttkis in the score but they are valuable and make you feel awesome. And if the other team is dead they can't take your shit, right?

Finally we have Bounty Hunter. This is a Death Match style game except score is based on bounties collected instead of kills. When a player is fragged, he drops a bounty. Pilots have to fly through the bounty and collect it, like a power up. Bounties add up of course and when you die you drop them on the spot for anyone to pick up. With the right kill you can go from a nobody that nobody cares about to the most hunted dude on the server! Fun!

Strike Vector is a game that is available on Steam and you should totally buy this game and play it.

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