Lenovo Yoga 13 won't turn on off of AC

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My laptop hasn't really had any issues in the year or so I've had it, but I haven't used it in about a month.

Yesterday when I tried to turn it on nothing happened, I figure the battery is dead so I plug it in. Strangely there's no charging light

I left it overnight and it didn't charge, but it turned on as long as the charger was plugged in. Windows reports 95% battery capacity and not charging. Changing my energy management scheme to "maximum battery life" or unplugging the power causes it to die immediately

I bought a new ac adapter but that wasn't the problem. My battery is probably shot right? What kind of tool do I need to get in there so I can swap out the battery if that's the case?


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    Here you go. Start on page 32/33. I think all you need is some small flathead screwdrivers. I would get a decent set with hardened tips cause you might ruin the screw heads with some cheap eyeglass repair set. Also you might want to buy a spudger (basically a plastic shim that might have various edges and shapes) to help you pry things off/out without damaging them.

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    for some reason it charges if the lid is open...

    I have no idea why it only charges in that circumstance

    I think I might get a battery anyway since it's getting long in the tooth, I have a nice set of snap-on precision screwdrivers that might work

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    But it doesn't charge when the lid is closed? That is odd, but I suppose it is possible that it has one thing to do with power management or a power management driver since Windows can take action on lid closure (e.g. enter hibernate).

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