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**I'll update this post as I progress with the project**

Ok, so some friends working as CM's for Ankama asked me to try and create a "dye" system
(image) to go along with their suggestion packet to the Devs.

Me being the over zealous type.. I figured I could go one better and try to
create a mock up flash game instead of just and image.

The problem however is that I can't really find any up to date tutorials for Flash.
**Many people saying it's outdated for a few years now and people only use
After Effects now.

Anywho I digress.

Here's the image I created using multiple screenshots of the game (in photoshop):

**If anyone can point me in the right direction for turning this into an interactive
flash game.. I'd greatly appreciate it.


What I'd like it to do:
1. Players can drag/drop the dyes from the inventory menu into the "Main" and "Alt" slots.
*This will change the colors on the current character insignia (red = main / black = alt).

2. If they click "apply" then the other character model that's within the inventory
box changes to those colors selected as well and the "Main" / "Alt" boxes reset (empty).

Fine Tuning:
1. "Snapping" of the dyes, when dragging/dropping.


So far, a few people have suggested that I could just use a "Dress up Doll" tutorial to accomplish this.

**The best example I could find online (that wasn't made 8 years ago) was this::

And while that tutorial DOES help address quite a few of my questions, it still falls short
on how to "apply" the dyes, reset them or have the characters colors actually change
when a dye is put into one of the slots (Main/Alt).


If you guys need any clarity on this, please feel free to ask.
~ Thanks in advance for anyone that can help ^_^


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    This isn't quite the right venue for this question, its more about flash and threads are meant for art critiques, I don't think we have many folk who are versed in making flash games, especially on the code side. If I can think of a better place on the forums for you to post this, I'll PM you.

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