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[DC Comics]: Crisis on Infinite #Rebirths



  • TexiKenTexiKen A New Chapter Begins LondonRegistered User regular
    I didn't read JL vs SS but flipping through issue #2 at the LCS awhile back it looked like they even had the squad take down the league. They've been pushing to make them a heavy hitter (because of the movie).

  • OwenashiOwenashi Registered User regular makes the Suicide Squad a legit threat against the JL. But seriously Waller controlling Zod?
    I think one of the current themes of the book is Waller not realizing she can't control everything she touches. She seemed to have learned nothing from the events in JL Vs SS as she plans to put Lord into an alternate Squad called Task Force XI. Rustam got revenge on her in the epilogue by tricking her into thinking he was going after her kids whom she was already estranged with and made matters worse by kidnapping them off the street in public with a disguised Squad. And now she's going to try to put Zod in as a member of the Squad which looks to go bad almost instantly if Action Comics' issues that same month are any indication.

  • Bobby DerieBobby Derie Registered User regular
    The sad part is, if you go back to Waller's original pitch for the Suicide Squad, it was...better.


    Hell with it, I'm taking this rant over to the Continuity thread...

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