Comic Comments Have Made the Hub Unreadable

I understand the desire to add comments to the comics, but the way they've been filed on the forums has made the Hub basically unreadable. The nature of the Hub used to be that as new comics came up there would be threads for them that flared for a day to a couple of weeks before dying down and cycling out, but you could usually find a merry discussion of the latest comic pretty easily. Now? Every time someone posts a comment on a five-year-old comic a new thread goes straight to the top of the Hub (nevermind the generic "Undefined Discussion Subject" threads that are also being auto-generated). Widening comments to the comic page itself makes sense, as only a small percent visit the forums, but it was also nice to be able to have a discussion with the die-hards that filtered out a lot of the crap. Now it's gone. Could there be a separate subforum where all those comments get filed instead?


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    TubeTube Registered User admin
    The Undefined Discussion Subject bug has been fixed, it shouldn't happen again. As for the rest, we're working on it.

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