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Can't update profile picture on a Mac

This is a weird one... no matter what browser I use on a Mac (Firefox, Chrome, Safari), clicking the "add a profile picture" link causes whatever browser is running to die a horrible, slow, frozen death after I click the "browse" button. I have no idea what's going on here, or if it happens on other platforms as well. I suspect there's something crazy going on because this is the only site that's caused this problem, and it happens every single time I try, and it also ends up screwing up Finder as well. I can't even kill -9 the PID, it's frozen HARD.

And, I can't even sample the process while it's frozen - activity monitor just fails to attach to it.

Really, really bizarre.


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    _fluffy_fluffy Registered User regular
    Never mind, turns out there's just something REALLY WEIRD going on with my desktop that's causing Finder to do all sorts of bullcrap.

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