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Might be a dumb question buuuut...

EliminationElimination Registered User regular
How do I find posts? They used to be linked from the comics themselves, now I have no idea where they are. Honestly? Not liking the new web site layout, finding it a lot harder to navigate.

EDIT: And not 5 minutes after posting this I have figured it out.

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  • agilemaniaagilemania Lyon EstatesRegistered User regular
    Click the "TXT" button next to the comic title to go to Tycho's newspost. They're no longer grouped by day.

    Today's comic doesn't have that button, but I assume that's only because the newspost hasn't gone up yet. If you look at Friday's comic you should see the button in question.

  • agilemaniaagilemania Lyon EstatesRegistered User regular
    On a related note, click the "JPG" button next to the post title to go to the comic.

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