"Spam Block" for Reporting Spammers

There's a spambot posting in the G&T forum.

I opened his three (so far) threads, and reported each of them as "Spam," "Spam," and "Moar spam," respectively.

Upon attempting to submit the last one, I got a pop-up saying that I had posted 2 times withing 60s, and therefore a spam blocker was now in use against my account, and that I had to wait for at least 60s to post again.

1) Is that permanent?
2) I didn't actually post anything; I reported a post for spam, so I'm not sure why a "posting too often" tool was employed. (Probably reporting a post is treated, in some ways, like making a new post.)
3) Irony?


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    see317see317 Registered User regular
    1) It shouldn't be.
    2) When you report something, it opens a thread in the mod only forum so they can look at it. Opening lots of threads quickly makes you look like a spam bot.
    3) For a Morrisette definition of irony, yes.

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    TubeTube Registered User admin
    Working as intended

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