The Quake 2 [SOUNDTRACK] appreciation thread.

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"Sonic Mayhem is the professional name used by game music producer and professional sound designer Sascha "Buzzfunk" Dikiciyan and associates. Sonic Mayhem has, as its most high-profile projects, produced the soundtracks for Quake II,[1] Tomorrow Never Dies and Hellgate: London, as well as approximately half of the soundtrack for Quake III Arena and all the weapon sound effects for Unreal Tournament and, since the build 222 patch, also its predecessor, Unreal. Sonic Mayhem has also produced independent music albums.
Sonic Mayhem's style is primarily a very driving and forceful form of aggro-industrial, with an emphasis on repeated musical phrases (though this is less pronounced in their non-soundtrack work). Currently Sascha collaborates with Cris Velasco who is responsible for orchestral moods in their music.
Sascha is also known under the name "Toksin", producing dance remixes for the likes of BT, Pitty Sing, Celldweller and many others.
Sascha's work came to prominence when he sent a copy of his first CD "Methods of Destruction", an alternate Quake soundtrack, to id Software in 1996. As a result, John Romero asked him personally to score the soundtrack for Quake II."
(source wikipedia)

All of the music tracks composed by Sonic Mayhem featured in ID Software's famous 1997 first person shooter, Quake II.


Operation Overlord - 0:00
Rage - 03:29
Kill Ratio - 05:49
March of the Stroggs - 08:23
The Underworld - 11:17
Quad Machine - 13:53
Big Gun - 17:30
Descent into Cerberon - 20:36
Climb - 23:13
Showdown - 25:14

what are some of your fav game soundtracks/songs?

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    The Quake II soundtrack is the perfect mix of 90s industrial/metal/buttrock and it makes the game so much better. In case anyone who bought Quake II on Steam is wonder why they aren't getting any background music, it's because Quake II shipped with redbook audio (meaning, it would play regular music tracks from the game CD while it was in your CDROM drive). The easiest way to get the music back for the Steam version of Quake II is to grab the Ultimate Quake II patch from the Steam forums.

    Also, if we're talking about the Quake II soundtrack I feel compelled to quote a post I made way back in 2010:
    So my girlfriend burned this mix cd of lovemaking music for when she came over last week. After reading the Rage thread and the id sales on Steam I got a little nostalgic and decided to fire up Quake II for a while.

    Totally forgot that the mix cd was still in my drive.

    Totally forgot that Quake II has redbook audio.

    Gentlemen, if killing Strogg while listening to Chris Isaac, The Guess Who, Duran Duran, and Pink Floyd is wrong, I don't want to be right. There's just something special about unloading a shotgun shell to the face of a Strogg footsoldier and then running through the red mist and gibs while Lovers in a Dangerous Time is playing in the background that just can't be described.

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    Didn't Reznor do the music for one of the quakes?

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    Reznor did the music for the first Quake. I think he was also supposed to do the audio for Doom 3 but it didn't happen for reasons and stuff.

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    Drake wrote: »
    Reznor did the music for the first Quake. I think he was also supposed to do the audio for Doom 3 but it didn't happen for reasons and stuff.

    It was a pretty badass soundtrack too.

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    BritishDavidBritishDavid Registered User regular
    Another favorite


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