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Mot BuchananMot Buchanan OhioRegistered User regular
I know I'm making a lot of posts for East.
It's my first time, I want to try to cove bases.

Since I'm not going to be there till Saturday, am I gong to miss out on most of the swag?
By that I mean, will the goody bags all be gone?
Will I be out of luck getting Pinny Arcade sets at the merch booth and have to try to trade for everything?
What about other venders? will they have stuff set aside so they have something to offer each day?


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    wreckeurwreckeur Registered User regular
    Last year was my first PAX and we (The Sprog and I) didn't get there until Sunday and we had more loot than we knew what to do with. It seemed like some of the stuff is parceled out over the three days and while there may be stuff that you can only get on Friday, there will be more than enough to make up for that on Saturday. YMMV.

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    Mot BuchananMot Buchanan OhioRegistered User regular
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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Please don't make new threads for every question you have. That's why we have a FAQ thread. There's also a first timer thread for extra info that's specific for newcomers :)

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