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Aspiring Webcomic artist looking for brutal critiques

IntotheVASTIntotheVAST Registered User regular
I am an aspiring webcomic artist. I am not here to promote my comic. I will not be posting a link to it... however, I will be posting a couple of pages here and there to get your feedback on where I can improve.

I am looking for any advice you guys and gals have on my art work. I do my inking in Illustrator and my coloring in Photoshop. So please keep that in mind when giving advice.


  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    Are you taking any classes for art, or anything of the sort? Do you have any artists you admire? What are your goals, as an artist? Is this a very low priority hobby, or are you trying to really push yourself?

    Drawing skills wise, you've got a lot to work on. Its the sort of thing where we could nit pick your comic, but in truth you need to go on a journey of improving your overall skill. How you go about that may depend on the level of time and commitment you really want to dedicate to improving your art. Providing some more insight into your goals will probably color the type of feed back you get.

    I'm digging up some advice from another thread because I think its relevant here:
    Iruka wrote: »
    The bad news is the skills that you need to improve require the most technical areas of study, as you are essentially looking to improve your base level understanding. That is a sort of tedious process that will require you tackling some exercises that are on the boring side. The good news is, those skills are the easiest to look at completely objectively.

    More good news is, we have some threads that can help. I suggest checking out the Noahs art camp thread, because it gives you some idea of what sorts of exercises can propel you forward. I'll try and get in there and put in the last three weeks of lessons.

    We also have the monthly enrichment threads:

    If you are going to keep up with portraits, I'd recommend these proko vids:

    Anyway, sorry to throw a bunch of links at you, but its the best thing to do with some of these basic concepts. Keep posting work, and we'll try to be as helpful as we can!

    If you have some art that is not for the comic, you should post it too. Especially any studies you've done.

  • NibCromNibCrom Registered User regular
    It’s strange that the type changes in both size and style in the middle of the first page. Choose one font and stick with it.

    Not really digging either typefaces you chose either. The second one used in the narration is superior to the first one in the dialogue balloons, but it could be stronger. Even if you’re using a typeface and not doing your lettering by hand, consider a font that matches your drawing style. Notice how the type used on this page could conceivably been lettered by the same person that illustrated it:


    Your shading could be better. Looks like you just shaded with blacks, which is kind of a no-no. Here’s DMAC’s explanation on the subject:


    There’s a lot of wasted space on your second page. There are certainly artists that don’t cover the entire page with their art, but right now it just looks like a missed opportunity.

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