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No Picnic [Android] (free) -

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In a world gone mad, you have to pick the right ant hill on which to die for. In the constant war for supremacy and control of the Queen's favor, the leader of the Ant Army, General Thor Axe, commits all of his soldiers to achieve the legendary cookie. With this relic of immense sugary deliciousness, command of the ant colony will be his.

There is, however, a challenger to his position comes in the form of the diabolical Pyro-Ant-cer, leader of the fire ants who wishes to burn his way to the top of the ant hill. Caught in the middle of this ant political struggle is a lone picnic lover, who brought forth the legendary artifact that the ants seek. You must defend your dessert from the massive onslaught of ant legions who wish to consume the cookie for their respected leader. Only you can smash this RAID of insect aggressors!

Your work is cut out for you, and you better believe that this day will be...NO PICNIC



What's New
1.0.0 :
- Added Facebook Sharing Integration
- Google Play Leaderboards are now Live!
1.0.2 :
- Hit Boxes modified to accommodate all sizes of Android Devices
1.0.3 :
- Several of the spawn-timers have been adjusted to allow for a smoother transition in the speed of the game

This is my first app, but something that I am very proud of and I think the community will enjoy.

I've already updated the game twice based on user feedback and will be very active with users who provide more feedback.


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