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School me on bed frames

KirbithKirbith I appear to be made of delicious cake. Registered User regular
My husband and I are moving in a few months and with that move we're looking to get a nice adult bed frame instead of just having our little metal one that the box spring sits on. However, looking around at some furniture stores and online has made me a little confused on all this. Most of the bed frames I've seen online don't have a box spring pictured and have either some pieces of wood that go across the base or are like the ikea bed frames and have a slatted bed base that you get along with the frame.

I've never bought a bed frame before so I'd appreciate if anyone could shed some light on these. If we get one with the pieces of wood going across the base, then can/should we ditch our box spring and just keep the mattress? We don't have a local ikea but we'll be making a trip to the closest one in a few weeks for some other things so has anyone had any good/bad experiences with their bed frames?

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  • DjeetDjeet Registered User regular
    The bed frames with the slats (or a grid) are platform bed frames. You do not need a box spring with these frames as the frame is designed to provide the support that the box spring would in a traditional bed frame. For some mattresses (e.g. memory foam) you need to have the support that a platform bed frame provides since a box spring won't cut it.

  • Pure DinPure Din Boston-areaRegistered User regular
    What kind of metal frame do you have? If you just want something that looks nicer, you could attach a headboard to the bed that you have, and buy a skirt to cover up the legs and whatever you're storing underneath the bed. A really nice, stylish, wooden headboard will look more adult than the Ikea bedframe, and probably costs about the same.

  • EggyToastEggyToast Jersey CityRegistered User regular
    A lot of box springs do not need the little metal thing, from what I understand. The metal thing is just so it's easier to move around once it's in a room.

    Bed frames are not strictly required. For example, a friend of mine had a sleigh bed that he LOVED, and I helped him move it a few times. He eventually had to get rid of it because it didn't fit up the stairs in one place, but I found that the sleigh bed is literally a set of 4 pieces of wood that goes around a bed. It does not provide any support, and is purely aesthetic (although some people like a headboard so their pillow doesn't slide away).

    Some people also prefer a low frame with a box spring and the mattress on top of that due to the height, because they want the bed to be higher.

    It's a lot of personal preference. If you get a bed frame, just see what kind of support it provides for the mattress. If it's slats or a grid, that should provide the same support as your box spring and you can just use the frame. If you have a special box spring, it may be more difficult, but that sounds unlikely from your description.

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  • CreaganCreagan Registered User regular
    Bed frames and mattresses are generally two separate things. The frame is just decoration for the mattress/box-spring.

    If you're looking to buy a new mattress and bed frame, I'd probably suggest a low-end hastens mattress if you can afford it. They're an incredibly expensive up-front purchase, but the bed legs are built into the box spring, which comes with a mattress and topper. And they're supposed to last for 25-30 years, which is way longer than your average mattress. My mom has one, and it is honestly the most comfortable thing I've ever slept on. (Definitely going to be my first major furniture purchase.)

  • ThundyrkatzThundyrkatz Registered User regular
    There are 2 things that you are referring to here. a bed frame, which is the metal system that holds the mattress and box spring or foundation. They are pretty cheap and just support the mattress and box spring.

    What I think you want is called the bed. Its made up of a headboard, foot board and rails. most will have some sort of slat system to support the box spring and mattress and possibly a center leg for queen or king size systems.

    The price will run the gambit depending on the size, materials and quality. you can get metal ones that are painted to look like wood that are inexpensive and cheap, and look it too!. Or you can go and get a system that is hand carved mahogany and will cost thousands and look great. Then there is everything in between.

    Some designs also omit the box spring / foundation and will provide a surface just for the mattress to sit on.

    This is the set that I have. With a Tempurpedic mattress, and no foundation. The slats are spaced very close together and screwed into the rails with 3 center leg supports for a King. The foot board has drawers in it that slide under the mattress when closed and are great for jammiest or linens and such. Its Ashley which is a good mid level furniture company. I think the Bed was 1500? I am kinda guessing as it was part of a whole set.

    Go in some stores and look around and see what styles you like. If you have specific questions, let me know!

  • KirbithKirbith I appear to be made of delicious cake. Registered User regular
    Thanks everyone, this was all very helpful and I think I have a better idea of what to look for now when we're shopping around.

    Thundyrkatz, you are completely correct - I want what is called the bed. We liked some stuff at Ashley furniture pretty well when we were there so I think we'll have to give them a second look.

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  • AldoAldo Hippo Hooray Registered User regular
    I made my own frame out of oak wood. Its just a few beams resting on ornate legs. I nailed boards to the inside to hide more of the sides of the matress from view. The whole thing is purely for looks.

    IMO a regular boxspring wouldn't really need anything to make it look nicer, so my recommendation is to hold out on buying a frame and first see if you dislike the way it looks.

    I second getting a nice headboard, add in two night stands with pretty lamps on them and your bedroom will be cool without breaking the bank or looking like a dorm room.

  • greymockingbirdgreymockingbird Registered User regular
    Don't get an Ikea slat bed frame. The slats are stapled to a twill ribbon and rolled out on the frame rather than screwed into the frame as you'll find on a more expensive slat bed frame. This means that relatively quickly, the staples will pull out of the slats causing the slats to shift, and then the bed will collapse out from under you. I think you can use a sheet of plywood covered in felt or fabric instead of slats as a homemade bunky board, but that's a hassle.

  • hsuhsu Registered User regular
    Just a quick note on Tempurpedic mattresses.
    You can get 95% the feel of a Tempurpedic mattress with just a 3" memory foam topper on a normal (but decent quality) spring mattress.

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