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Skyforge - New MMORPG by Allods Team and Westernization by Obsidian



  • chocoboliciouschocobolicious Registered User regular
    Just unlocked zerker tonight. Actually has to spend a hour grinding sparks of transformation because I've somehow not stockpiled any. Whoops.

    Unlocked it up to the class spark point but I may just keep plugging away on LB for evolution sparks because it's never the wrong class to be.

    All that's left to unlock is technically monk (passed it heading to gunner so that's super easy.), kinetic and warlock. So I suppose that's my next goal.

    Catch up stuff is pretty nice, sparks just roll in.

  • TcheldorTcheldor Registered User regular
    So how active in this/how much fun is it? I've been looking for another game to jump into, and the basics sound interesting, but I hear the grind is really bad...

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  • chocoboliciouschocobolicious Registered User regular
    With the new catch-up stuff the grind isn't that bad at all. Unless you're being crazy and trying to cap out credits every week which takes too damn long.

    It's fun! But a bit buggy. I don't usually have any issues finding groups for stuff, but I couldn't give any hugely concrete info on population besides that.

  • StupidStupid Newcastle, NSWRegistered User regular
    I would guess that it is moderately active - about the same as other "successful" free-to-play games. That is to say, it has a healthy population, but it isn't _millions_ of players. If your goal is to find PUGs, you'll usually find some willing players in a few minutes at worst. (I think I had to wait an entire three minutes one time.)

    The grind is... well, the biggest problem is that game only has a limited number instances and character advancement requires that you play each of them three, four, sometimes TEN times each. New areas are added as you progress through the game, but by the time you unlock a new area, you're going to be completely sick of the prior areas and you'll still need to play through the newest area a whole bunch of times to unlock the next area. So, while the grind isn't really that bad, it end up feeling a lot more grindy than it actually is.

    There is the odd game bug and balance issue too, but those are relatively minor.

  • SimpsoniaSimpsonia Registered User regular
    I think I'm going to give this a shot, it's currently downloading now. I'm leaning towards Berserker or Gunner, which is more fun in your opinions?

  • chocoboliciouschocobolicious Registered User regular
    Gunner is more fun in my opinion, but it's definitely the less powerful class by a decent margin.

    So berserker is probably the better choice.

  • SimpsoniaSimpsonia Registered User regular
    So, they only give you 3 classes to start. That's pretty lame. So I have to grind through, god I dont even know how much, just to get to the class that they advertise on their website, and without any qualifiers? That's pretty fucking lame. Not sure I'll stick with this one. I played until I got to just short of my Paladin badge or whatever, and it's just looking like a massive grindfest that would make korean MMOs blush...

  • KeysierKeysier Registered User regular
    Game tends to be pretty....terrible early on. It basically doesn't want you to play at all.

    Going up the Paladin tree will only lead to further frustration as your dps is always behind. 3 man groups you pretty much always want 3 dps to get them done quickly (and of course, early on, people barely have any idea how to play or seem to love doing all the wrong things). 5 mans is like walking into a new circle of hell early on, especially for a Paladin, because it is really up to the support to keep you alive as you can only do the best you can and the rest of the time you are shit out of luck. Max out Paladin and play another class ASAP. I'd suggest picking up Kinetic and then playing that as you make your way to Berserker. Do not play Necromancer for the love of all that is holy.

    There is a bright side to the game. It actually is quite fun especially if you play some of the stronger DPSes (Witch, Berserker, Kinetic). Some of the other classes are good in other respects: Archer is great for open world mob grinding, Slayer is great for PvP and generally making people hate you. The game is also easy enough that when you have people that know how to play a class and everything goes correctly, runs are lightning fast and enjoyable. Just...early on...they make you pay.

    Said grind takes me 2 days to max out on sparks and class sparks (not credits because I don't hate myself) playing only after work ~3/4 hours.

  • SimpsoniaSimpsonia Registered User regular
    edited October 2015
    So instead of continuing to play Paladin, I should just switch over to Cryomancer now so I don't hate playing this game even more? What's a good estimation of time for actually getting to Berserker or one of the other classes?

    Edit: I switched over to Cryomancer, and the game is going like 3x faster now. It's not completely terrible.

    Simpsonia on
  • TcheldorTcheldor Registered User regular
    I've been trying lightbringer en route to slayer. It' been fun so far. Do we have a guild thpe thing I can join?

    Ifn is tchel fay

    League of Legends: Sorakanmyworld
    FFXIV: Tchel Fay
    Nintendo ID: Tortalius
    Steam: Tortalius
  • KeysierKeysier Registered User regular
    @Simpsonia Going Cryro is not a terrible plan and will relieve you of headaches until you get to around 20kish where the Paladin symbol starts to become too powerful to ignore, especially for regular mob grinding. I never bothered even playing a Cyro, I just went Paladin->Necro->Kinetic hating my life the entire time until I got Kinetic and was like HOLY SHIT THIS IS WHAT THE GAME IS REALLY LIKE?

    If any any point you want to be a Paladin without being a Paladin, you could conceivably save up your Sparks of Evolution and never play the class but max it out. This happens to be a lot easier if you pay for premium and can just play the DPS class at max and get Evo sparks constantly.

  • SegSeg Registered User regular
    Just started playing this, haven't broken 1,000 yet and enjoying myself going through Squad instances multiple times because I need more Prestige for the next story mission. Was leveling Cryo at first but decided to give Paladin a shot while I was going through a place for a second time and turns out I enjoy the melee more.

  • RingoRingo He/Him a distinct lack of substanceRegistered User regular
    Anybody still playing this? It caught my eye today, and I know next to nothing about it

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  • ironzergironzerg Registered User regular
    It's fun to start, but then wicked grindy as you get deeper into it. Wasn't my cup of tea.

  • DarkewolfeDarkewolfe Registered User regular
    My computer pooped out or something right as the ultra grindy bits were starting and I guess I forgot to ever go back.

    What is this I don't even.
  • SeidkonaSeidkona Had an upgrade Registered User regular
    Darkewolfe wrote: »
    My computer pooped out or something right as the ultra grindy bits were starting and I guess I forgot to ever go back.

    It left quite the impression on you.

    I feel the same way. It was a time in my life where I had a lot less time for games and it was the first game I dropped. There was way to long before I got to one of the classes I actually wanted to play and of course the two that I like were way across the sphere grid from each other.

    Mostly just huntin' monsters.
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  • Liquid GhostLiquid Ghost DO YOU HEAR THE VOICES, TOO?! Registered User regular
    i kind of want to go back to this just to play as the alchemist or whatever it was

    i don't think i ever got around to unlocking it

  • Skull2185Skull2185 Registered User regular
    Posting here as a shot in the dark for some tips I guess... Not sure how much help I'll get since there hasn't been a post in here in almost a year, but aaaaaannnnyways

    I was really enjoying this game on PS4. Outlaw and Cryomancer are my faves, and I was having a blast playing through the campaign levels. But now I'm on this mission at Saffire Air Dockyard, and the first boss enemy you encounter is just impossible to beat. He shoots a lame ass homing attack, shits out laser turrets, and does this ground laser attack that basically one shots me. The gound laser attack has an indicator as to which way it will fire, but some genius designed it to be the same color at the ground so I can never tell where it's coming from. Suuuuuper frustrating.... I managed to get it down to its next to last health bar, but I died because another genius thought it was a fair design choice to put your healing items on a 2 minute cool down after you use one.

    Does anyone remember this boss by chance? I'd love some kind of tips or strategy to cheese the fight if possible. Or is it just a case of needing to grind Knowledge to level up my might? I'm passed rank 10 on my might, and the F2P grindiness has shown it's face. It costs so much to research, and it only moves the bar a finger nail's thickness amount of space... for like 1600 knowledge. AND now there's a limit of 4 research attempts a day unless you have some premium resource.

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