what's in a name?



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    I Win SwordfightsI Win Swordfights all the traits of greatness starlight at my feetRegistered User regular
    I'll be honest, I wouldn't have the balls to name myself Virgil, so I'm glad my folks did. It's a pretty sweet name.

    Hnnnngggg I just realized how much I'd struggle with not naming twin boys dante and vergil I am awful

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    SnowbearSnowbear Registered User regular
    MadEddy wrote: »
    Psykoma wrote: »
    Is there a reliable site with first and last name meanings/history?

    Behind the Name is pretty good. They also have a site for surnames.
    Wow. That's a blow to the ego.
    Entered my surname in and got "Name not found". I thought (and the phone book seems to agree) that my surname isn't especially rare.

    edit: Phew. Found it here. https://www.surnamedb.com/
    I exist. =D

    My last name doesn't appear in either database. But it isn't a blow to the ego for me, it just means my last name is very unique (in America)

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    ShortyShorty touching the meat Intergalactic Cool CourtRegistered User regular
    first name is patrick

    my middle name is entirely forgettable

    last name is a Sicilian variation on a very ancient European surname that is so old it has essentially no meaning

    I've never met anyone who had it who was not a member of my immediate family

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    DysDys how am I even using this gun Registered User regular
    I'm Henry the eighth, I am

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    BillyIdleBillyIdle What does "katana" mean? It means "Japanese sword."Registered User regular
    I was named after the lead singer in the Moody Blues. Now it's Justin Beiber jokes all day.

    PSN: BillyIdle_
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