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Suns out, guns out [Strength Training]



  • Peter EbelPeter Ebel CopenhagenRegistered User regular
    I had a dreadful gym day yesterday. Rows and chin ups were the only exercises on point and I felt like a rotting corpse afterwards. I'm hoping it was a lack of carbs that day, but we'll see tomorrow when I head back.

    Fuck off and die.
  • Shazkar ShadowstormShazkar Shadowstorm Registered User regular
    I'm skipping gym today

    For the first time in foreverrrrr

    Partly because I have to be at work an hour earlier than normal and partly cuz I feel blah

    Gonna do some mobility stuff for a bit and then go to work I think

  • A duck!A duck! Moderator, ClubPA mod
    So I'm going to close this thread out with the very first result I got on the Scouting Report Generator:
    A steak! has the football equipment to melt a popsicle, but scouts say beach muscles could be an issue

    Don't you fucking judge me, robot!

    Donovan PuppyfuckerArthilPeen
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