IE & Firefox only work in safe mode

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The PC is an HP Pavilion a1267c (AMD Athlon 64, gig of ram, etc)

Ok, so I'm visiting my parents and they've had this computer for under a year, it's running XP Media Center and connects to the internet by cable modem.

It works fine with IE 6 SP 2. Firefox 2.0 won't work regardless, I've uninstalled (& removed some reg entries) reinstalled several times it, it opens but won't load any pages, just acts as if there's no connection (this is with windows firewall off and even on I have it set as an exception)

Now I can't stand NOT using tabbed browsing so I tried to get firefox to work for awhile then just said forget and was going to update IE 6 to 7 so at least there is tabbed browsing. I go to the windows update site and use it to load and install IE 7 when I restart the PC IE 7 is now doing the same as Firefox.

So I run msconfig and deselect everything in the startup tab and restart, still a no go.
I restart into safe mode with networking and BOTH browsers work fine.

I did several unsuccessful google searches but maybe I just used the wrong words.

Any ideas?

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