I think i broke your forum :bug report

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Hey sup.
Love ya work. Long time reader, first time whiner but I've got some problems happening.
I'm using the dolphin browser version 10.2.8 (no jetpack) on my nexus 4 with android 4.4.2.

Autocorrect smiles borks my use of smiles on mobile.
When I post, if I try to include a simple colon capital D smile the smiles menu automatically drops down and my smile is replaced by some other smile. I can't access the smile menu as the smiles hang over the button so you have to select a smile (ironically it seems to be the disappointed smilie mostly) .
Also if I drop my keyboard to try and clean things up my window moves and I can see the elves behind the screen moving the scenery (see attached pic). Even while writing this I can see around the edges of the post window the "tubes circus" forum whichi can scroll from in front of the post window.

That smile menu thing is a great idea but maybe it shouldn't automatically insert them just because you type a colon.

Also there is so little room to see what I'm doing I'm going to post this and add the images and edit on my PC.

Ok I'm on the pc now. Here are the pics from trying to post a comment in a regular thread.

This is what I see when I type a colon capital D.

When I drop the keyboard the thread window is movable and behind it ??? is the burger menu.

The pics below are from this new thread post.

Also the lack of room caused by the black bar at the bottom staying up when posting makes it real hard to even see what your typing.

Sometimes you can't see squat and have to go in blind.

I hope I haven't come across as too whiny with this post. I understand some of the problems of trying to impliment web design across multiple platforms.
If I've been vague or you need more info about the prob feel free to reply and I'll give as much info on it as I can.


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