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Planes, Planes and, well, planes!



  • grayfawkesgrayfawkes Registered User regular
    edited March 2014
    I get there from FLL at 9:30pm Thursday on Southwest. Wish I could have got an earlier flight, but cant complain since I got it for free using some loyalty points I had.

    grayfawkes on
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  • ancienteternityancienteternity Registered User regular
    Told my buddy about this, since he's landing in Boston right before my plane departs on its way there, so he may join you!


    I'm ready for the next PAX already!
  • OcelottOcelott Registered User regular
    Me and my GF after going to be there ! 8:30am...Earlier flight was cheaper :P

  • BigDumbHippyBigDumbHippy Registered User regular
    My group will be flying in from Philly on the 1030am Jetblue flight, Anybody else?

  • RicinRicin Registered User regular
    Big Dumb Hippy if my group (which has now grown from me to 3) might want to hang with you until our flight gets ready to depart. I am on US Airways so maybe meet in food court?

  • NickTheNewbieNickTheNewbie Registered User regular
    edited April 2014
    cadmia wrote: »
    I think the 3 of us get in around 2:30 from Baltimore. When does your friend arrive? Also, we're staying at the Hilton, so pretty close!

    MAGFest Jamspace crew is taking the 3:10 flight out of BWI on thursday.

    NickTheNewbie on
  • BigDumbHippyBigDumbHippy Registered User regular
    Ricin wrote: »
    Big Dumb Hippy if my group (which has now grown from me to 3) might want to hang with you until our flight gets ready to depart. I am on US Airways so maybe meet in food court?
    I haven't figured out what time I'll be there but I'll pm you and let you know

  • RicinRicin Registered User regular

  • AnnaRoyalAnnaRoyal North CarolinaRegistered User regular
    My group is flying From Charlotte NC at like 10am on Thursday. So I think we will be there around noon, and the dinner doesn't start until like 4pm so we are looking for something to do. Although I might be wondering the streets for restaurant that will serve me some mimosas... lol

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  • RufeRufe Chesapeake, VARegistered User regular
    If you're talking about the Pre-Pax Dinner, that starts at 5.

    I have received only 2 PMs regarding this. I want to try and get something solid when I get there so we can have as many people join us as possible. So if you plan on joining us, please PM me with your estimated arrival time and how many people are in your group.

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  • randy_wreckedrandy_wrecked Gunslinger Harrisburg, PARegistered User regular
    Ricin wrote: »
    I'm flying on Jetblue from Philly to Boston that morning and I land at 12:05. I'd be down for some day-drinking with you guys!

    I am doing the Philly boston run on US Airways. Did you want to meet up before the flight and hang out?

    Definitely! I'll send you a PM with my info.

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  • TripleozeroTripleozero Registered User regular
    Sorry guys, won't make it. Looks like the rest of my group got here early so we're meeting up at the hotel.

  • HalfazedninjaHalfazedninja Author of Jake Howard: Multiverse 101! Behind YouRegistered User regular
    Well I screwed up and got my bag first and get get back into where Boston Beer Works is. I'm at Jerry Remys is anyone wants to join. It's upstairs from baggage claim

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