Dead Synchronicity - a bloodstained, dark point and click adventure [PC / Mac / iOS]

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My name is Luis Oliván, from Fictiorama Studios, and I'd like to share with you the public alpha demo of our point and click adventure game Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today.

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today is an old-school 2D graphic adventure game featuring space-time distortions, concentration camps, a dystopian atmosphere... and a dark, bloodstained plot. The game will be
released for PC & Mac (2014) and tablets (iOS, 2015). Hopefully Linux too!

Is there a trailer to check?

Sure! Here it is!


May I download a demo?

Of course, we would love if you did!

Access the public alpha demo here (both PC and Mac versions available).

I want to see what the game looks like!

Sure, that's why we posted some screenshots:



A lot more on our website!

And if you want to hear "what the game will sound like", we are lucky that the indie rock band Kovalski is writing a hard, moody soundtrack, inspired by the orchestral rock of the 70's and the Italian giallo soundtracks. Give the samples a try!

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today? What a title!

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today is the first installment of the Dead Synchronicity saga: a 2D point and click adventure to be released for PC & Mac (2014) and tablets (iOS, 2015). Featuring a script with dystopian overtones, the game pays homage to classic adventures (The Secret of Monkey Island, Broken Sword, Day of the Tentacle...) but revolves around a more mature theme, along the lines of games such as I have no mouth and I must scream or Sanitarium.Some of the core game features:
  • Classic point and click interface
  • 2D graphics featuring a unique, expressionist style
  • Stunning dystopian sci-fi plot
  • Mature content featuring a dark, bloodstained story
  • Atmospheric soundtrack composed by the indie rock band Kovalski
  • Old school, progressive “open-world” immersive experience
  • HD cutscenes
Want to give it a try? Then download the demo and start playing!

What's Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today about?

A terrible pandemic is turning all of humanity into "the dissolved" – the sick whose deliria provide them with supernatural cognitive powers... but also steer them towards a gruesome death. The root of this illness seems to be "the Great Wave", an inexplicable chain of natural disasters that destroyed all energy sources and communications and plunged the world into a chaos ruthlessly controlled by both the authorities and the army alike. So the player will have to help Michael, a man with no past, recover his identity and decode the events that brought the world to the edge of collapse. Because, if Michael doesn’t hurry, he won’t be able to avoid the impending moment of dead synchronicity... when Time itself dissolves.



While writing Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today we’ve been influenced by creators like Joseph Conrad, Philip K. Dick (well... who isn’t?), Tarkovski, Terry Gilliam, lots of terror and action movies from the 70s and 80s (including Italian giallo)... and all those great point and click adventures we enjoyed during the 90s, and we still enjoy today.Could you then describe Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today as "Guybrush meets Mad Max meets 12 Monkeys"? Well, we guess you could…

I like classic point and click adventures; in fact, I miss playing new ones like those. Why should I play Dead Synchronicity?

Nowadays, some point and click adventures are made up of “tiny point and click adventures”. You know how it is: you enter a location, get to know some characters, solve a couple of puzzles... and move forward to the next location, without a chance to go back. From our point of view, these kind of games lack one of the key elements of classic graphic adventures: the “open-world-like” immersive experience.We love it when we play adventures that offer you the chance to interact with different characters, face different puzzles or explore a large number of locations simultaneously, even if it’s done in a progressive manner. And that’s the approach of Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today: after a few introductory stages that will let you get used to the interface… get ready for a progressively open experience!

Ok, you got me in. I want to play Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today!

Cool! Then you can check these links. Enjoy the game!

Thanks so much for reading!



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