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Hey there I'm Adam!

I'm part of a team currently developing a new family friendly game called Inochi Project. Now there is a big chance you aren't Inochi Project's target audience. However the game is Sci-Fi and it's going to be cool and you might have younger siblings or cousins... To be honest, if you take a look at the link below, you might want to play Inochi and take a robot chicken with gorilla arms for a test drive yourself...

I'm here because we would love to have your feedback on our Kickstarter project. The project is going live at the beginning of of this month (April 2014). We've had some great feedback from some Facebook groups etc but it would be great if you could take a look. We really appreciate any suggestions and comments you may have.

We want Inochi Project to be BIG, we need a little (maybe a lot) of help spreading news about the game and getting people aware of Inochi Project.

Many thanks! :)

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    Thanks for sharing. However, this site isn't for promoting your project. It's for receiving actual feedback on this site. Please don't post links to your kickstarter. We have a forum wide ban on kickstarter promotion of any kind. Please don't whore out your twitter and facebook pages either. We're not here to boost your likes or your followers.

    If you want to actually participate in this forum then please post some artwork that you want some feedback on rather than promoting your game.

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