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Camp Weedonwantcha by Katie Rice — Meadow

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
edited April 2014 in Camp Weedonwantcha

imageCamp Weedonwantcha by Katie Rice — Meadow


Read the full story here

Unknown User on


  • virtuecatvirtuecat Registered User new member

  • Lancer873Lancer873 Registered User new member
    I'm not sure if that's the cat sticking his head out from behind Brian or if its just really hard to find...

  • darkilluminedarkillumine Registered User regular
    Saint Brian talks to the animals.

  • DublinDublin Registered User regular
    Radagast is nothing compared to Brian.

  • tinwatchmantinwatchman Registered User regular

  • doomsterdoomster Registered User new member
    The art and facial expressions are so good. I think this is my favourite webcomic evarrrrr.

  • InvisibleInvisible Registered User regular
    I missed the forest for the trees.
    That is to say, I was staring in the trees looking for the cat because I didn't think it would be right in front of me.

    Very nice comic. Snow White starring Brian.

  • NogginNoggin Registered User regular
    When did the whole hidden cat thing start? I went back to look but they don't seem to be in the earliest comics.

    Battletag: Noggin#1936 || PSN > Noggin37 < Origin (Anthem) || Steam
  • PsykomaPsykoma Registered User regular
    Noggin wrote: »
    When did the whole hidden cat thing start? I went back to look but they don't seem to be in the earliest comics.

    I think after the comic where the feral cat box was dropped in?

  • Finnish_LineFinnish_Line Registered User regular
    Malachi's expression in panel five is amazing.

  • hajenhajen Registered User regular
    the cat's eyes tell me smörgåsbord.
    hors d'oeuvres on Brian's arm and bon bons in his hair.

  • ButterfrogButterfrog Registered User regular
    Now Brian goes all girl-bug on the animals... :D

  • wearyskywearysky Registered User new member
    Invisible wrote: »
    I missed the forest for the trees.

    As did I. So much time spent looking for Kitty.

  • MisterMorayMisterMoray Registered User new member
    I just started reading today and I gotta say... This comic is AWESOME.
    It's equal parts crude, poignant, dark and consistently hilarious. I love the premise, the side characters are interesting and the main characters are fantastic. Seventeen is weapons-grade adorable.
    Also, kitties!

  • KreylKreyl Registered User regular
    Brian is a Disney Princess.

  • Eric the PrezEric the Prez Registered User regular
    I think this is the best kitty ever

  • LostNinjaLostNinja Registered User regular
    Kreyl wrote: »
    Brian is a Disney Princess.

    I need to see this in one of Malachi's imagination thought bubbles

  • shoeboxjeddyshoeboxjeddy Registered User regular
    So I guess we should start the countdown clock until the cute animal meadow becomes an abattoir huh?

  • Yvainne ThorneYvainne Thorne Registered User new member
    I love your comics this one and Skadi! Will you be at PAXAUS this Oct/Nov?

  • ManabouttimeManabouttime Registered User regular
    That last panel is a desktop background if I ever saw one!

  • ReiskaReiska Registered User regular
    Brian doesn't need nor want phony titles. He is more powerful than they can possibly imagine.

  • CardboardPizzasCardboardPizzas Registered User regular
    The bubble in panel 5 needs to be a wallpaper!!

  • Sometimes I think Brian`s nose is his lips....

  • Laika ClementineLaika Clementine Registered User regular
    LOL then he'd look like he'd be using Anne and Lori's scorpion bite lip technique.

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