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Hall and Oates Appreciation Thread

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Picture it...Philadelphia, 1967. Adelphia Theater. Two young men leading their own bands meet under the most heinous of circumstances. Daryl Franklin Hohl, frontman for The Temptones and John William Oates of The Masters run into each other in an elevator after fleeing from gunfire between two rival gangs. They strike up a conversation and learn they have a lot in common including matriculating at Temple University. They became roommates, and one of their mailboxes said, "Hall & Oates" which they later took as their band name. Five years later they signed with Atlantic Records.


They had little success in the beginning. Their first three albums (Whole Oats, Abandoned Luncheonette, and War Babies) did not garner much attention. It wasn't until 1975 that they had their first hit. They left Atlantic Records and signed with RCA before releasing "Darryl Hall & John Oates" (often referred to as the Silver Album). Sara Smile was their first top ten hit. Written by Darryl Hall for his then girlfriend Sara Allen, Sara Smile reached number 4 on the charts. There follow up album "Do Want You Want, Be What You Are" contained their first number 1 hit, "Rich Girl"



Hall and Oates would see a lot of success throughout the 80's when John Oates mustache took over producing the band's albums. The mustache wrote such hits as "You're Making My Dreams Come True", "Maneater", "Private Eyes", and "Kiss on My List".


Then for some reason, John Oates shaved off the mustache and Hall and Oates never saw the same success again. Some say there was a power struggle between Oates' himself and his facial hair. Other's say Hall and Oates' mustache had a falling out over a woman. Nobody really knows for sure. What we do know is that they did their best work when the 'stache was in charge.


Regardless of what happened, Hall and Oates is the greatest rock and roll band in the history of Temple University.


If you're ever feeling blue, and life has you down, just call this number, 1-719-26OATES for the Hall and Oates emergency hotline.



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