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So I have my own website that I use as a place to host my portfolio. I've had a spam-free email address through this host for years, and after my ancient Yahoo email got hacked last year (and my website email was listed as a backup there), I've been receiving endless amounts of spam on both.

I don't really care about the Yahoo account as I'm planning on just transferring all my linked accounts there to a new Gmail address soon...but is there anything I can do (that's preferably free, or very low-cost) to eliminate the spam going to my website email? The "default spam filter" available only catches about 85% of the spam and filters it to the Spam folder, and the rest floods my inbox. Ideally I'd like to just prevent any spam from reaching my email to begin with, but I figure for that I'd need to just switch to a Gmail address anyhow, which I'm not entirely opposed to, if need be. Seems like they have more things in place behind the scenes to help prevent that.

Is there a way I can save my website's email address, or should I just create a Gmail account to replace it?


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    If you consider $5 per month low cost, you could sign up for Google Apps for Business. I've been using it for a vanity email address since before they started charging for it. As long as you have control over your DNS records, you can continue to use your existing host for your website and point just email to Google.

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    Gmail is pretty darn great at nuking spam. I have an Apps account for my domain, and it's extremely rare for me to see any spam get through.

    edit: by which I mean, if you have your own domain with your email address on it, it's as simple as pointing to Gmail in your DNS and having the relevant username setup in Google Apps.

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    Oh, awesome! And yeah, $5 is totally doable. I just checked and it looks like I do have control over my DNS records. Woo!

    Thanks guys, this sounds exactly like what I was looking for. :)

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