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CD drive not recognized when trying to update firmware

RoyceSraphimRoyceSraphim Registered User regular
So my cd drive, which I've had since 2007, I tried to update the firmware for the very first time (drivers are 2001) and whenever I run the app, its says Target Drive AW G170 SG Not found correctly.

I need this to work soon so I can burn my Student windows 7 dvd and upgrade to 7 from XP.

RoyceSraphim on


  • harvestharvest By birthright, a stupendous badass.Registered User regular
    What program are you using? Supposedly you can use this to flash it.

  • harvestharvest By birthright, a stupendous badass.Registered User regular
    hey @RoyceSraphim‌ I thought of a different solution to your need to upgrade to Win7. Microsoft has a program that uses the Windows iso to set up a bootable USB stick/drive/whatever to install. It's here. The download link is in the Installation section.

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