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    Bradford: This is the first opportunity we will have to be in touch with a squad while they are in the field. We will try to keep your channels clear, but this is a rare opportunity: with no EM interference, I am asking Doctors Vahlen and Shen to observe the mission and offer their expertise when appropriate.
    Ejo: That is welcome news, Central Officer.
    Bradford: This does not change the parameters for this mission, squad: you are still riding in our only airbus, and we do not have a reinforcing squad on standby. You will be expected to perform like any other squad. Furthermore, lack of a jamming signal does not mean no one is listening: maintain radio silence with Central unless your Squad Leader directs you otherwise.
    Squad: Yes sir.
    Bradford: Squad Leader Shoumin, I am not going to give you any supplementary directives regarding the use of explosives, however--.
    Shoumin: Don't worry, Central Officer, I know what this means to the project. I'm the daintiest bull that ever set foot in a china shop.
    Bradford: I'm sure Dr. Vahlen will be very relieved, assuming the euphemism translates. Good luck, squad. Central out.
    Shoumin: All right people, satellite recon suggests that the German authorities have done a pretty decent job setting up a perimeter around the crash site, and that pretty much anyone in the vicinity of the CS with half a brain booked it the hell out of there well before the Bundespolizei arrived on scene. There should be no civilians in our way. I want every piece of Xray tech we come across cataloged, gift-wrapped, and tagged with a personalized thank-you note written to Dr. Vahlen in your nicest handwriting, understood? You are on your best behavior: you will not go weapons-free with your frags unless I give you the go-ahead. Are we clear?
    Squad: Yes, sir.

    [aircraft hydraulics]
    Shoumin: This is it, ladies and gents, I want those points clear as soon as we touch down.

    Shoumin: Go, go, go.

    Viyakwi: All points look clear, Squad Leader. I'm a little turned around, though; where is the Uniform?
    Haddad: Under the overpass behind the bar, you see? Just ahead.
    Ejo: Is that... is that bar attached... to a gas-station minimart?
    Shoumin: Never mind that, guys. Viyakwi, take point, give me points on the bar.
    Viyakwi: Sir.

    Viyakwi: We have contacts, sir.

    Shoumin: All right squad, time to start poppin' those cherries. Viyakwai, that bastard on the left is gonna have you flanked, get on this side. I want Ejo and Haddad headed left; use the truck for cover.
    Haddad: I hope the driver didn't fill up before he left it....
    Ejo: This isn't the movies, Haddad. Did you not see that episode of Mythbusters?
    Haddad: I don't watch television. In position, Squad Leader.

    Haddad: I have a visual on the left-most Xray, but firing solution is poor.
    Shoumin: Hold fire for now, Haddad. I'm moving to support, Viyakwi.

    Shoumin: I might be able to tag him from here. Talk to me, Ejo.

    Ejo: I am here at the truck with Haddad. I have visual on you and Viyakwi, but I do not see our little gray friends.
    Shoumin: Stand by, Ejo, I want you to be ready to fire if these bastards decide to go anywhere. Haddad, go ahead and take your shot.
    Haddad: Ugly though it may be....

    [conventional weapons fire]

    Haddad: يلعن. No hit, Squad Leader, target remains.
    Shoumin: That's all right, Haddad, we're just trying to get their attention. Taking my shot.

    [shattering glass]
    [conventional weapons fire]

    Shoumin: Oh, you're a quick little bastard, aren't you.
    Viyakwi: Squad Leader, movement from the Xray inside... what is he--
    Shoumin: Oh, here it comes. Prepare for incoming, everyone.

    Haddad: Squad Leader, the pub's wall just collapsed out here.
    Shoumin: I see it, Haddad. Hang on, everyone, I'm going to solve our little problem before it gets any worse.
    Viyakwi: Squad Leader, where--!

    Shoumin: Hello, boys. Do they still tell stories about me back home?

    [conventional weapons fire]

    Haddad: I don't know what you did, Squad Leader, but our contact just went docile. Looks very dead to my eyes.
    Shoumin: I trust you've all read the dossiers on the Sectoids? You just witnessed a mind link in action. I decided to give you a field lesson on mind-link feedback.
    Viyakwi: A bit of a gamble, don't you think, Squad Leader? If the other Xray hadn't gone down, you would have been a sitting duck.
    Shoumin: Better odds than trading pot-shots with an augmented Sectoid, if experience has taught me anything. Besides, you forget that I've seen the mind-link in action before.
    Ejo: All points are looking clear, Sqaud Leader. Orders?
    Shoumin: We're gonna keep moving. Viyakwi, get up here and cover the back door; you're gonna help me sweep the kitchen. I think I see something in there that's gonna make Dr. Vahlen's day. Ejo, Haddad, cover us from the front and then sweep the minimart.
    Squad: Sir.

    Viyakwi: I definitely hear something coming from the kitchen, sir, but I don't see anything.
    Shoumin: I'm going to have you up close and personal with it in a second, Viyakwi. Just let me get a good look... oh, yes, there you are. Get in here, Viyakwi, and have a look while I cover the door: you'll know it when you see it.

    Viyakwi: Is that a MELD pylon? How do I...?
    Shoumin: As I recall, Blythe just touched it and--
    Viyakwi: Wow, that simple.... I don't understand, why do they leave it unsecured like this.
    Shoumin: They're equipped with explosives, but I really don't have any idea. What kind of a security system has a self-destruct system with a killswitch that requires unverified input? I heard Dr. Shen had house cats opening these things. Haddad, Ejo, how are we lookin'?

    Haddad: All points appear to be clear, Squad Leader. I think we may have just eliminated a scouting party.
    Shoumin: Well, we didn't give them very long to recover after bringing them down. I wonder if they got word back to the Uniform. Viyakwi, you're with me; let's have a look out back.

    Shoumin: Here we go, pulverized rubble and a fire. Ejo, Haddad, sweep the pumps quickly to make sure we don't get flanked and then move into the alleyway behind the building: we've got a Uniform to recover.
    Ejo: That is a copy, Squad Leader. Haddad, check the pumps; I will wait by the side door for your mark.

    Haddad: I like your tactics, Ejo, but they are not required: all pumping stations are empty, all points are clear.
    Ejo: Ah, well. Better safe than sorry, yes?
    Haddad: Agreed.
    Shoumin: Quiet!

    Shoumin: You hearing that, Viyakwi?
    Viyakwi: I can't be sure, Squad Leader. If I had to make a guess, it would either be rats... or Sectoid vocalizations.
    Shoumin: Let's try to keep the channel clear of chatter until we get a visual of whatever else is out there, all right squad?
    Ejo: Copy, Squad Leader.
    Shoumin: Take point, Viyakwi. Fence by the pillar. Anything?
    Viyakwi: Negative contacts.
    Shoumin: On your four.
    Viyakwi: Copy.

    Shoumin: Negative contacts, all points clear. Ladies?
    Ejo: Breaching. Verify all points clear at fuel pumps. Taking cover behind an abandoned truck. Green to move up, Haddad.
    Haddad: Copy, moving to you.

    Haddad: Anything, Squad Leader?
    Shoumin: The overpass is completely wrecked; the area underneath looks like a warzone after both armies have retreated. Friggin' boneyard.
    Viyakwi: Orders, sir?
    Shoumin: Stay put, Viyakwi, I'll take point this time.

    Shoumin: There we go, Xrays spotted.

    Shoumin: They're scrambling for cover... I lost sight of one behind that pillar. Can you track him down, Viyakwi? I should be okay here.
    Viyakwi: Copy, Squad Leader, moving now. Oh, yes, I have him.
    Shoumin: How's your firing solution, Vi--?
    Viyakwi: Bangalore sends its regards, जानवर.

    [conventional weapons fire]

    Viyakwi: One less contact, Squad Leader.
    Shoumin: Good shooting, Viyakwi, but don't lose your temper. Looks like you put the fear in his partner, though, he's keeping his head down. Ejo, Haddad, get up here, double time.
    Ejo and Haddad: Yes sir.
    Haddad: I'm going over the top, Ejo, keep me covered.

    Ejo: Anything?
    Haddad: Nothing. All points clear on Viyakwi's side, commander, other than his downed Xray.
    Ejo: Moving in behind you.

    Ejo: Our side is very well secured, Squad Leader, but I do not have visual of the remaining contact.
    Shoumin: There's about three inches of concrete between me and our contact, Ejo, I don't think there'll be any--

    Shoumin: Well... I can't say I was expecting that.
    Haddad: Squad Leader?
    Shoumin: Lost visual on the contact. Stay alert, squad, he may come out on your side. I've got some good cover, I'm gonna move up.

    Shoumin: Well, well. Eyes on the goods here, squad; that's two pylons full of Xray space goo.
    Ejo: Dr. Frankenstein will be so pleased.
    Shoumin: Stow it, Ejo, this channel's still open.
    Ejo: My apologies, Squad Leader.
    Haddad: Permission to approach the Uniform, Squad Leader?
    Shoumin: Granted. This side looks quiet, and I still have no visual on our missing contact. Viyakwi, I want you to--

    Haddad: New contact, Squad Leader. العمى, what is it?
    Shoumin: Talk to me squad.
    Ejo: It is... armored, Squad Leader. There was a bright flash and then the armored contact appeared as if from nowhere. It has taken cover inside the Uniform.
    Haddad: It is not a Sectoid, Squad Leader, it moves like nothing I have ever seen.
    Viyakwi: It is humanoid, sir, with a steady orange glow around its midsection.
    Shoumin: Well, that sounds familiar. Did we finally find what they're using the MELD substance for?
    Viyakwi: The glow does look similar, Squad Leader.
    Shoumin: All right, squad, we've got a unspecified contact with unknown capabilities, we're going to take this nice and slow. Set up and take any shots of opportunity that present themselves, I want-- oh shit, head down, Viyakwi!

    [unknown weapons fire]

    Viyakwi: Are you sure he was aiming for me, sir?
    Shoumin: Fortunately for you you've got about three feet of concrete between you and him, but there's no doubt about it. I think you may have taken out his best buddy, Viyakwi.
    Viyakwi: You will understand if I am not overcome with remorse, Squad Leader.
    Ejo: Movement from the Uniform. Our contact is back.
    Haddad: I have him.

    Haddad: Direct hit. I shot him directly in the head, Squad Leader, but he is still moving.
    Shoumin: He may not keep his head in his head, if you follow me, Haddad. How are your angles?

    Haddad: Not good, sir. He has taken cover behind a thin but rather sturdy looking piece of shrapnel.
    Ejo: My firing solution is not so good either, Squad Leader.
    Shoumin: How about you, Viyakwi?
    Viyakwi: I cannot see him from here, but I saw him duck behind cover. He is not far from my position, I could flank him.
    Shoumin: Not with our vengeful gray watching you from this side. Hang tight, Viyakwi, I'm going to clear the road for you.
    Viyakwi: Copy, Squad Leader, standing by.

    Shoumin: Boo.

    [conventional weapons fire]

    Shoumin: All right, you're clear, Viyakwi. Let 'im know how they do it in Bangalore.
    Viyakwi: I am not from Bangalore, sir.
    Shoumin: [pause] Look, just shoot the motherfucker, okay?
    Viyakwi: Copy, Squad Leader.

    [conventional weapons fire]

    Viyakwi: I-- Squad Leader, it... the contact, it's gone.
    Shoumin: What?
    Viyakwi: I directed fire to the midsection, at the glow. Something inside it... shattered, I suppose? The rest of the contact dissolved as it went down. There is nothing now, not even dust.
    Shoumin: Well. I'm sure Doctor Vahlen will have something to say about that.
    Vahlen: Quite right, Squad Leader Shoumin, although not what you might expect. You have all done good work out there today, Officers. Your footage of the new contact has been very exciting, as is your recovery of the MELD substance and the UFO itself.
    Shen: Squad Leader Shoumin, this is Doctor Shen. Would you mind moving into the craft and giving us a better look?
    Shoumin: Of course, Doctor.
    Shen: 不可能吔.

    Shoumin: Uh, didn't copy that last, Doctor Shen.
    Shen: I cannot believe we could be this fortunate.
    Bradford: What am I looking at, Doctor?
    Shen: It is unusual that they should keep it exposed in the interior of the ship like this, but I believe that is the vessel's power source. I had not dared to hope we might recover it intact, but it appears to be completely undamaged.
    Shoumin: There's a number of working consoles in here as well, Doctor, should we--?
    Shen: Do not touch anything. We are sending a recovery team via surface streets.
    Bradford: We have been in touch with Bundespolizei since your touchdown, Squad Leader Shoumin, they will be keeping the site secure for us. I want you and your team back here for debriefing a-sap.
    Shoumin: Solid copy, Central, I'm packing up the kids and heading home.

    Bradford: And Officer?
    Shoumin: Sir?
    Bradford: Good work.

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    Bradford: Dr. Shen is very pleased with the amount of working tech you recovered, Officer Shoumin.
    Shoumin: He can thank my squad for that, sir. They executed every order perfectly and without hesitation. Haddad and Viyakwi were instrumental in taking down the armored contact, and they did it without me there to hold their hands.
    Bradford: Speaking of Viyakwi, we were impressed with his initiative. He took decisive action without endangering the squad; in light of his personal connection to last weeks Alfa event, we consider that to be a cut above average. The Commander has recommended him for a promotion to Officer, and given his no-nonsense approach, we've assigned him the Heavy specialization.

    Shoumin: Couldn't agree more, sir. And Haddad?
    Bradford: Haddad showed admirable poise under pressure, but the Commander wants her thinking a little more outside the box before he promotes her. Viyakwi's quick thinking may have cost Dr. Vahlen a prize, but it kept the squad out of harm's way. Haddad's time will come soon enough. Your recommendation will be noted, however.
    Shoumin: Understood sir. Any notes on Ejo's performance?
    Bradford: None that you need to be made aware of at this time. Good work with your squad today, Shoumin; you've gotten a lot of people's attention here at Central.
    Shoumin: Won't let it go to my head, sir.
    Bradford: Good. Dismissed.


    [door chime]
    [redacted]: Come.
    Bradford: Good afternoon, sir. I've got Dr. Shen's preliminary inventory report from the crash site, along with a copy of Officer Shoumin's debriefing.
    [redacted]: Ah, yes, excellent, let's have a look.

    [redacted]: That's quite a haul, Central Officer.
    Bradford: Indeed it is, sir. Barely enough elerium to fill a briefcase, but it's more than anyone on the planet has ever seen.
    [redacted]: What does Dr. Vahlen have to say about the possibility of synthesizing it?
    Bradford: The Doctor refuses to speculate without sufficient time to study the material. She is awaiting final authorization from you, sir.
    [redacted]: Tell her I want to see her blueprints for the Alien Containment facility before I put her on anything else.
    Bradford: Understood, sir.
    [redacted]: It's been a hectic week around here, Bradford, but things are looking very, very good. Our boys on the ground have been doing an outstanding job. I would never have expected things to go this well after Sacred Night.
    Bradford: Projections may have been overly conservative, sir. Only one soldier was actually lost during Sacred Night.
    [redacted]: Perhaps. We're off to a promising start, but we have a lot of material to study and a still a whole lot of world to protect. Get Shen and Vahlen banging on ally cylinders, and make sure the Squads are good and ready. We're going to be adding a few more soldiers, just in case.
    Bradford: Understood, sir. I'll get in touch with the various Council nations and see what we can dig up.
    [redacted]: Very good, Central Officer. Dismissed.
    Bradford: Sir.

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    More thinking outside the box? Fuck you too, Bradford!

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    Memorandum: Central Chatter Transcript for 09/03/15

    Bronson: Oi, Liam.

    Neeson: 'Ey, Chuck, how ya goin', mate.
    Bronson: Well enough, lad, well enough. I'm down for that shipping what the Commander ordered yesterday.
    Neeson: Ah, right, the liquidated assets. Let's have a look, 'ey?
    Bronson: Right then, looks like the, uuuh, nine XS-0-1: Ds and the, eh, the one XA-U-1c.
    Neeson: Any idea what's in 'em?
    Bronson: No, an' I know better'n to ask. Shippin' 'em off t'Berlin by lorry, and that's all I need to know.
    Neeson: You drivin' 'er?
    Bronson: You know damn well I'm drivin' 'er, now load 'er up so I can get back before supper.
    Neeson: All right, no need to get snickety.

    Memorandum: Central Chatter Transcript for 10/03/15

    Ejo: Did you see them bringing in the cots and toiletries earlier today?

    Viyakwi: Hard to miss with all of the stomping and the whispering. If they intended to draw little attention to themselves, they failed quite spectacularly.
    Ejo: They only outfitted a single room. Blythe was going to take bets on how many they will be sending us, but after everyone got a good look at the number of cots they installed, participation flagged.

    Viyakwi: I think Officer Blythe is getting uncomfortable. He hasn't been topside in about a week now.
    Ejo: Can't say I blame him.
    Viyakwi: Even if they want to send you into another Uniform?
    Ejo: Well, now that we've been through it....
    Viyakwi: Was de Rând still hanging around up there all by herself?

    Ejo: Last time I checked, yes.
    Viyakwi: That one is a little... what the Americans call... creepy, I think.

    Memorandum: Central Chatter Transcript for 13/03/15

    Vahlen: Thank you for being so punctual, gentlemen. Let's make this quick, I am eager to reassign my staff as soon as possible.

    Shen: Doctor.
    Bradford: My time is the Commander's time, Doctor. Let's cut to the chase.
    Vahlen: Very well, Central Officer, I will be direct. With the completion of the blue prints for the workspace, I am asking the Commander for funding and resource allocation to allow us to capture our first live xenozoological specimen.
    Bradford: I am very sure I voiced my concerns about this during the last staff meeting, Doctor. Our soldiers have performed above and beyond expectations to date, but that does not strike me as sufficient reason to ask them to commit suicide--

    Vahlen: I resent that, Central Officer. In any case, the Commander appears to agree with me, having commissioned the designs I sent to his office earlier that prompted this staff meeting.

    Bradford: The recruits have already given you a nickname, Doctor. I don't imagine your reputation with them is going to improve once they receive orders to start giftwrapping Xrays for you.
    Vahlen: Those orders do not come from me, Central Officer, they come from the Commander. The purpose of this meeting was to explain the importance of this line of research, as well as outline some of my initial recommendations. If you would kindly humor me for half a moment instead of arguing the point at every step....

    Bradford: All right, Doctor, consider yourself humored. Give me the bullet-points for how to explain to my soldiers that they are restricted to tranquilizers and blackjacks until we get a live specimen in here. And while we're at it, give me something to tell the Commander that will make having a live, telepathic combatant down here sound like something less than suicide for this project.

    Vahlen: First of all, Central Officer, I have some theories based on preliminary examinations of the corpses we have recovered. A more thorough examination would be valuable, but initial tests suggest that our physiologies are not significantly... well, alien to one another. Carbon-based life, electro-chemical central nervous systems, calcium-based skeletal structure--.

    Bradford: Spare me the biology lesson, Doctor. What is the point?
    Vahlen: The point, Central Officer, is that I believe existing tazer technology could be adapted to deliver an electrical jolt strong enough to inhibit normal function of the nervous system and render these creatures unconscious. This would make disabling and retrieving live specimens a much less dangerous proposition.
    Bradford: All right Doctor, you've had your say. But I've yet to hear anything that makes me feel any more comfortable walking into the briefing room and telling our soldiers they will be required to stow their firearms--.

    Shen: Perhaps I should speak my piece, then, Central Officer. Believe it or not, I am in concurrence with Dr. Vahlen.
    Bradford: Oh, this I have to hear.
    Shen: We are at war, Central Officer, with an enemy we do not understand. We do not know their motives. We know precious little about their methods. They are potentially decades, perhaps even a century or more beyond our most advanced technology. I am receiving artifacts faster than my engineers can take them apart, and we have not even begun planning a research schedule.

    Bradford: Where are you going with this, Doctor?
    Shen: You are not thinking of these creatures as the reasoning, highly-intelligent animals they have proven themselves to be. They are telepathic, but there is nothing in their behavior that indicates a hive mind. The layout of the UFO we recovered suggests a hierarchy not much different from our own command structure.

    Vahlen: Exactly. But there is very little we can deduce about them that would be useful to your soldiers in the field and for planning our responses long term from corpses and xenozoological feng shui. For that we will need to... communicate with our enemy.
    Bradford: You want... to interrogate one of them?

    Vahlen: Precisely, Central Officer. I will be putting in a request to begin research and development on our xeno-tazer immediately.

    Shen: Similarly, with the Commander's permission, I would like to allocate funding and engineering staff for the construction of Dr. Vahlen's workspace. Unfortunately our existing power infrastructure is already pushing its limits. Before we add any new facilities, we're going to need another power generator.

    Bradford: Looks like our second week is going to be even busier than our first. All right, Doctors, you have made your cases. I will bring your requests to the Commander.

    Vahlen: Secret high five, Dr. Shen.

    [hand slap]

    Bradford: I want a concise, concise Doctor, report on project Mobius on my desk by day's end.

    Bradford: Now if you will excuse me, Doctors, our new recruits will be here within the hour. I have a welcome speech to give.
    Vahlen: Thank you, Central Officer.

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    @SanderJK‌ @Calamity Jane@darleysam‌

    Okay new meat, front and center!

    Get 'em while they're hot!

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    Well, I didn't die. Just insulted Dr. Vahlen is all...

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    Don't feel bad, everybody hates that scary lady.

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    sarukun wrote: »
    Don't feel bad, everybody hates that scary lady.

    Speak for yourself.

    Some of us respect the scary lady.

    Respect and fear.

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    I rest my case.

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    Xeno-BioComplete_zps7e37bddf.jpg in the middle of the "Get me a live one" meeting is missing

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    sarukun wrote: »
    I rest my case.

    Fear and hatred are different things!

    It's, like, the cornerstone of Machiavelli.

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    Come on, guys, you can't tell me you haven't spent time staring at nondescript bulkheads for no discernible reason while off rotation.


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    chiasaur11 wrote: »
    sarukun wrote: »
    Don't feel bad, everybody hates that scary lady.

    Speak for yourself.

    Some of us respect the scary lady.

    Respect and fear.

    Is it really too much to ask for both?

    Also this
    is the best piece of framing ever. He looks so impressed!

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    Oooh bagsy Richard Wright, if he's available! I'll have a quick look at customisation options, but I'm not too fussed about that.

    edit: I'll keep my pretty face exposed for the world to see, as an extra incentive to not get shot in it. Could I request the armour deco that makes him look like a bomb disposal expert, and go nuts on the colour. I'd ask for something a bit Union Jack, but I don't recall ever seeing something like that in the game.

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    sarukun wrote: »

    Vahlen: Secret high five, Dr. Shen.

    [hand slap]
    hail hydra?

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    Xeno-BioComplete_zps7e37bddf.jpg in the middle of the "Get me a live one" meeting is missing

    Thaaaaaank you.

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    chiasaur11 wrote: »
    sarukun wrote: »
    Don't feel bad, everybody hates that scary lady.

    Speak for yourself.

    Some of us respect the scary lady.

    Respect and fear.

    Is it really too much to ask for both?

    Also this
    is the best piece of framing ever. He looks so impressed!

    I saw it after I'd taken all my pictures and I was like

    "Well there's no way Cap'n Jack isn't gonna be in this shot."

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    I tried to make a dude look like me:
    It would be somewhat funny with the african person as the base of course.

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    Well, he is from South Africa.

    So if you want that, I can do that and not even really feel bad about it.

    Edit: Give him the German voice pack and errthang.

    Edit2: Wait, no, Afrikaans is an offshoot of Dutch.

    Which is itself a Germanic language, I guess, but still.

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    The reason my dude wears orange is because he believes tigers have the best camouflage, so orange must be the best color for any armor too.
    Watch those Aliens miss them a ton!

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    Hah, turns out Sander is a Dutch variant of Alexander. Perfect.

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    Yeah I went with German because there isn't a Dutch sound pack (though there is a flag).

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    i say you expose the Xrays to some Shen/Vahlen slashfiction.

    sure there'd be some neurological damage, but think of the effectiveness. and the drop in Xray morale!

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    yukiko it is!

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    i say you expose the Xrays to some Shen/Vahlen slashfiction.

    sure there'd be some neurological damage, but think of the effectiveness. and the drop in Xray morale!

    I think the collateral damage may not be worth the use of the weapon.

    @Calamity Jane‌ anything fancy and different you wanna do with her, or are you comfortable with Yukiko as is?

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    Calamity JaneCalamity Jane That Wrong Love Registered User regular
    pulled back mohawk, i guess! also, purple armor please!

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    Hello closest thing to a general xcom thread on my bookmarks, Beagle just put out another episode!


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    [metallic tapping]
    Bradford: Uh... excuse me... sir? Are you...?
    [redacted]: Over here, Bradford. Back wall.
    Bradford: I apologize for the interruption, sir.
    [redacted]: Not at all, Bradford, your timing is impeccable, as always. I just wrapped up inventory, just loading magazines now.
    Bradford: Of course sir. I have Central's overview for the week, as requested.
    [redacted]: Good, good. You can leave it on my desk upstairs in a minute, just give me the highlights for now.
    Bradford: It's been very quiet, sir. No alien activity of any kind since Shattered Stroke.
    [redacted]: Interesting. It's going on a week now, isn't it?
    Bradford: Almost nine days of no contacts, sir. Handful of false positives in North America that turned out to be hoaxes or over-excited "eyewitnesses".

    [redacted]: Hm. Our friends at the Pentagon tell me that the citizens are getting... uncomfortable.
    Bradford: Hardly unexpected, sir. Conspiracy theories have been an American specialty since the turn of the 20th Century. And, with all due respect, it was my understanding that Uncle Sam didn't want us playing in his back yard.
    [redacted]: I don't know that I would want my nephew running around in my back yard with a BB gun, even if I was the one that bought it for him. In any case, Mexico and Canada are reporting similar levels of public unrest over our unwelcome visitors. How goes our relationship with the media?
    Bradford: Tentative, of course. The precise nature of our organization remains confidential, but photographs of our aircraft and personnel remain an issue. Our partnerships with national governments have made it easier to erase extant security footage, but cellular phone cameras are getting better all the time.
    [redacted]: It's enough for now. As long as there's nothing hard for their agents to intercept, I am confident that this facility will remain secure, though I wish my predecessor hadn't been so in love with custom logos. No, don't say it, Bradford, the logo stays; it's good for the soldiers. What about Dr. Shen's projects?
    Bradford: Both of the expansion projects were completed this week, you will recall, Commander.

    Bradford: Dr. Shen reports that the new generator's turbines are spinning at 20% capacity, and that his initial tests all returned green. When we need it, the new station will provide us with--.
    [redacted]: Ballpark it for me, Bradford. I know the good doctor loves to be precise, but I don't think in kilowatt hours.
    Bradford: Enough to run an additional three or four facilities.
    [redacted]: Is that all? Does that include the new Satellite Uplink?

    Bradford: Thankfully, no sir. The new Uplink is running off Central's original, unexpanded power grid.
    [redacted]: Well, that's something at least. Dr. Vahlen's got a lot on her plate. I'd like to discuss adding some Research personnel during our next meeting. I'm afraid with all the unexpected additions to the Engineering staff that we're not going to have enough for them to work on. Anything else?
    Bradford: Actually, yes sir. We've just has a request come in from the Indian Government.

    Bradford: The officials in New Delhi are uncomfortable in the wake of the Alfa event in Bangalore, Operation Lost Gaze. They've petitioned Central to put a satellite in orbit over India.
    [redacted]: Aren't we fresh out?
    Bradford: Dr. Shen's latest progress report suggested that our satellite order will be filled and ready for launch by this afternoon.
    [redacted]: Well, that's something at least. But panic in that sector is at an all time low in light of our successful handling of that Alfa, I seem to recall...?
    Bradford: Correct, sir, our observations of India since Lost Gaze put panic at level Green-1.
    [redacted]: Frankly, most of the Eastern Hemisphere is in phenomenal shape right now Bradford. Those satellites are for emergency use only, not to soothe the nerves of some Indian PM who heard something go bump in the night.
    Bradford: Understood, Commander, I will send our regrets to New Delhi.
    [redacted]: Good. Oh, by the way, Bradford?
    Bradford: Sir?
    [redacted]: How are the new personnel settling in?

    Playing the part of Kwame Boroto: Sander J. Kores

    Playing the part of Richard Wright: Samson Darley

    @Calamity Jane
    Playing the part of Yukiko Ogawa: Keiko Kyouji

    Bradford: As well as can be expected, sir. None of these soldiers have any Naval experience, being shut in here without access to fresh air or sunlight is a difficult adjustment for most of them.
    [redacted]: Make sure they're well acquainted with the requisition system. I'm counting on you to make them as comfortable as possible down here.
    Bradford: Understood sir.
    [redacted]: I'll be down here for another fifteen minutes or so, then you can find me in my office if necessary. Dismissed.

    Recording ends- Time Index 1139

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    Memorandum: Central Chatter Transcript for 25/03/15

    Physical Fitness Center- Time Index 0502

    Blythe: Well, good morning, my only sunshine! How's my second-favorite squad leader doing this fine day?
    Bogestrom: Morning, Blythe. Another slow day?

    Blythe: Too slow. I've taken to wandering around the Geoscape listening to the chatter, but Bradford always shoos me out of there, givin' me some song and dance about "taking this time" and "the importance of morale" and such like.
    Bogestrom: Pick up anything while you were up there?
    Blythe: It's almost as quiet up there as it is down here. Once in a while they'll get a report from somewhere, but it turns out to be nothin'.
    Bogestrom: Hm. I wonder if the Xrays aren't as prepared as we thought.
    Blythe: Bradford's been down to see Dr. Frankenstein an awful lot since that big staff meeting. I think he might be chewing her and her projections out.
    Bogestrom: How do you know that?
    Blythe: Loose lips down in R&D. They got those lads and lasses working over time, and even the eggheads need to vent from time to time.
    Bogestrom: Yeah, well--.

    [intercom static]
    Bradford: Paging Squad Leaders Blythe and Bogestrom. Squad Leaders Blythe and Bogestrom, please report to the Geoscape immediately. Bogestrom and Blythe to the Geoscape, please.
    Bogestrom: Huh. Now that's interesting.
    Blythe: Speaking of loose lips. You think they have this place bugged?
    Bogestrom: Pretty sure the latrines are bugged, knowing Bradford.
    Blythe: Grab me a towel, would ya?


    Bradford: Good morning, gentlemen.
    Bogestrom: Central Officer.
    Blythe: What's it all about, sir?
    Bradford: We've been monitoring some readings that have developed into a full-blown Alfa in the time it took you to get up here. I was hoping to discuss the situation with both of you in greater detail, but we're up against a wall here, gentlemen. As with Lost Gaze, we are looking at three simultaneous events. Fortunately, if you can call it that, in this instance our priorities are very, very clear. Squad Leader Blythe, you are coming off rotation in approximately forty minutes, correct?
    Blythe: Yes sir, but my squad is ready to--
    Bradford: Very good Squad Leader. Nothing personal, but we're going to ask Squad Leader Bogestrom and his squad to step in early for this one.
    Blythe: ... May I ask why, sir?
    Bradford: The Commander wants fresh troops, and our priority for this Alfa is a location Squad Leader Bogestrom has some experience with. Any other questions, Blythe?
    Blythe: No sir, Central Officer. Good luck out there, Paul.
    Bradford: You are dismissed, Squad Leader Blythe.
    Blythe: Sir.
    Bogestrom: Thanks, Blythe.
    Bradford: Your squad has been paged, Squad Leader. Take a look at the Geoscape, if you would.

    Bogestrom: Kansas City.
    Bradford: Correct.
    Bogestrom: It's been a long time, Commander. I've had a lot of different deployments since then.
    Bradford: Nevertheless, we felt it was... appropriate that you take the lead on this one.
    Bogestrom: Blythe was there too, if you recall.
    Bradford: But not in command of a squad, Squad Leader Bogestrom. And the Commander is genuinely concerned that Squad Leader Blythe's squad is about to come off rotation. This you may assure Mister Blythe that his abilities are not being slighted, if you wish.
    Bogestrom: Understood, sir.
    Bradford: Suit up, Squad Leader: it's a long flight to Kansas, even at the speed of sound.

    Bradford: Ladies and gentlemen, we are responding to a personal request from the so-called leader of the free world. It would appear that, in a stunning and unprecedented reversal of American Policy since its inception, the United States is giving the green light for a military force not under its direct jurisdiction or oversight to conduct a military operation within its borders. The Commander would like to remind you that this is a historic moment, and asks that you behave yourself at all times, because he would very much like for us to be invited back. Squad Leader Bogestrom?
    Bogestrom: Squad, we will be inserting into a construction site in downtown Kansas City. It is a small site, and as of 0447 GMT it was winding down for the evening. As we understand it, a lot of those construction workers never came home. We're going to do something about that.
    Bradford: Standard Operating Procedure remains unchanged; channels with Central will remain open, but you are not to use them unless given the go-ahead by your squad leader. You will receive additional tactical information while en route. Any questions?
    Squad: Sir, no sir.
    Bradford: Dismissed.

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    Rassa fracken... You'd think the Americans would like a guy who solves problems with explosions.

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    @Brogey‌ @Romanian My Escutcheon@see317‌ @Dead Legend

    Bradford: Squad Leader Bogestrom, this is Central, do you copy?
    Bogestrom: This is Squad Leader Bogestrom, Central, our copy is solid. What do you have for us, Central Officer?
    Bradford: Not very much, Squad Leader. The Americans have provided some satellite photos of the Alfa site, but my impression of the intel is that the NSA is sandbagging us: the zoom and resolution aren't good enough to give us an idea of what to expect down there. I am recommending extreme caution, Squad Leader. All of our engagements to date have gone by the numbers, and unless ET is planning to just roll over for us and beat a hasty retreat, my projections indicate that we're going to see an increase in enemy resistance.
    Bogestrom: Understood, sir. Did everyone copy that?
    de Rând: Yes sir.
    Isihlabani: I am wondering what "increased resistance" means.
    Widerhallen: It means they will also call us ugly names while they are shooting us.
    Bogestrom: Close it up, squad. Anything else you can give us, Central Officer.
    Bradford: Nothing at the moment, Squad Leader. Central is going dark, but we will be monitoring this channel, as always. Bradford out.
    Bogestrom: Okay, squad, prepare for arrival. We drop in less than 20.

    Bogestrom: Okay, de Rând, Widerhallen, take point. Let's get this LZ secured.

    de Rând and Widerhallen: Sir.
    Isihlabani: Why do you think they come back to Kansas, Squad Leader?
    Bogestrom: I couldn't begin to guess, Isihlabani. If we knew that, we might have anticipated them.
    Isihlabani: Yes.

    Bogestrom: Jesus, this is is an ugly LZ. I'm taking point, Squad. Let's get into cover and start our sweep.
    Squad: Sir.

    Bogestrom: All points clear, squad, move up.
    de Rând: Right behind you, sir.
    Widerhallen: Are we to use the buddy system for this mission, sir?
    Bogestrom: Let's not pair up just yet, Widerhallen. I want to make sure we're better covered before we split up.
    Widerhallen: Yes, sir.
    de Rând: Sir, I think....
    Bogestrom: What is it, de Rând?
    de Rând: I think I see a pylon.

    Bogestrom: MELD?
    de Rând: Difficult to be sure at this distance, Squad Leader.
    Bogestrom: Well, why don't we move up and have a look?
    de Rând: Understood, Squad Leader, moving to verify--we have bogeys!

    Bogestrom: How many?
    de Rând: Only two. Verify MELD pylon, one of the bogeys moved to protect it. I have lost visual on that one. The other is looking right at me from behind a concrete wall.
    Bogestrom: How does your shot look?

    de Rând: Very bad. It is not even worth using the shot gun, the Xray is too well covered. I am not much more confident about my side arm.
    Bogestrom: That's all right, de Rând, sit tight. Isihlabani, I'm moving up. We're going to get around this container and see if we can flank these bogeys. I want you on my three looking down this little alleyway.
    Isihlabani: Yes, Squad Leader, moving up.
    Bogestrom: Looks like all points clear, here. Widerhallen--.
    Isihlabani: Oh, shit, I have contacts, sir.

    Bogestrom: What, where--.
    Isihlabani: Above you, sir, but I lost them. They're on the upper level somewhere.
    Bogestrom: Okay, Widerhallen, get into position behind us, we're going to need cover if those bastards drop down.
    Widerhallen: Moving, Squad Leader.
    de Rând: I'm still looking at this bogey, Squad Leader. Shall I open fire?
    Bogestrom: Negative, de Rând, just keep your head down. I don't want you exposed if they shoot through that container.
    de Rând: Yes, sir.

    Isihlabani: They are coming down, Squad Leader!
    Bogestrom: I see them. That's all three.

    Bogestrom: And there's a mind link! Prepare for incoming fire!
    de Rând: Sir, do you need me to--.

    [unknown weapons fire]

    de Rând: [unintelligible].
    Bogestrom: de Rând. de Rând, status.
    de Rând: дерьмо́. Squad Leader, that was a bad hit, I--.

    [unknown weapons fire]

    Isihlabani: de Rând. de Rând. Ruminka.
    Bogestrom: Eyes, front, Isihlabani, this isn't over.
    Widerhallen: I have a shot.

    Widerhallen: Contact remains, squad leader. I think I hit him....
    Bogestrom: Heads down, squad.

    [unknown weapons fire]

    Bogestrom: Okay, now let's turn that mind link to our adv--.

    [unknown weapons fire]

    Widerhallen:Squad Leader? Paul.

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    Holy Shit!

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    I feel comfortable saying that only one of those is my fault.

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    Culkin Blythe the 6th will avenge you, @brogey!

    They just gotta let him on the skyranger, is all.

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    I'm not dead!

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    see317 wrote: »
    I'm not dead!

    Anyone not dying is dead and baby, it won't be long.

    So shut up and carry on

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    oh boy...

    this is the dream sequence bit, right?


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    That map is the worst

    D3 Steam #TeamTangent STO
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