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[X-COM: Enemy Within LP] Do not stand at my grave and weep.



  • Dead LegendDead Legend Registered User regular
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    Well that's a good start

    And by good I mean incredibly unlucky

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  • fightinfilipinofightinfilipino Angry as Hell #BLMRegistered User regular
    fuck all construction sites

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  • chiasaur11chiasaur11 Never doubt a raccoon. Do you think it's trademarked?Registered User regular
    That map is the worst

    Rainy streets. Longer, packs get activated without being seen, and almost no good cover (And most of the bad stuff is cars.)

    At least, without a good sniper. Hmn. Suppose this map is less for snipers, more for assaults and heavies.

  • IoloIolo iolo Registered User regular
    @sarukun, your screenshots are fantastic. Really cinematic.

    Lt. Iolo's First Day
    Steam profile.
    Getting started with BATTLETECH: Part 1 / Part 2
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  • darleysamdarleysam On my way to UKRegistered User regular
    Written before reading how the mission is going - Must admit, I sat up a bit straighter in my seat on seeing my counterpart. Good hunting, everyone.

    Written since - So, you want me for admin, right? Got to be plenty of paperwork here at the base that needs filing and sorting.

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  • sarukunsarukun RIESLING OCEANRegistered User regular


    Widerhallen: What do we do, Umufi? They are five to our two.
    Isihlabani: We do what Bogey said; we use the mind link to even the odds. Come to me, Sierra. I will hit him with a frag, and check the Squad Leader.
    Widerhallen: Very well.
    Bradford: Belay that, Officer Widerhallen. I want you two out of there, now
    Isihlabani: I cannot do that for you, sir.
    Bradford: I gave you a direct order, mister. Get back to the LZ, both of you.
    Isihlabani: I will not, Central Officer, and I do not think Officer Widerhallen will either.
    Widerhallen: I am with you, Umufi.
    Isihlabani: Sierra and I are already dead, Central Officer. If our bodies make it back to Central, you may do as you will with them. Isihlabani out.
    Bradford: Dammit, Is--.
    Widerhallen: Radio is off.
    Isihlabani: As is mine. Why aren't they shooting us?
    Widerhallen: They appear to be listening to our argument.
    Isihlabani: Perhaps some one should tell them that it is impolite to eavesdrop. Frag out.

    [conventional explosive detonation]

    Widerhallen: The mindlink feedback worked. One contact remaining.
    Isihlabani: Squad Leader Bogestrom is dead. The... green ordinance tore a hole through his chest.
    Widerhallen: Ruminka did not fare much better. Scheiße, stay behind cover, Umufi, they are mindlinking again.

    [unknown weapons fire]
    Isihlabani: Not this time, etterkop. I am taking the mindlink source out, Sierra. That will put us ahead; you must go back around the container and take the remaining contact out.
    Widerhallen: It will be done.
    Isihlabani: On my mark, Widerhallen... go, now.

    [conventional weapons fire]

    Isihlabani: The mindlinked targets are down, Sierra, take your shot.
    Widerhallen: Already there, Umufi.

    [conventional weapons fire]
    Widerhallen: Verfallen Sie, Arschloch.

    [XS-O1 vocalization]
    Widerhallen: What do the Americans say, Isihlabani? Payback is a bitch?
    Isihlabani: We are not done paying this filth back, Sierra. We must finish the sweep.
    Widerhallen: I will climb the container, here, and get a better view.
    Isihlabani: I will stay behind and collect the MELD substance; Dr. Vahlen will want to study it in the event that we come back alive. Do not go too far; I do not intend to turn the radio back on until this site is secure.
    Widerhallen: I thought you said we were already dead?
    Isihlabani: All the more reason to be on Frankenstein's good side, don't you think?
    Widerhallen: I'm going up.

    Widerhallen: All points are clear, Umufi.
    Isihlabani: Collection complete, I am moving to the ladder. We must secure the high ground if--wait, do you hear that?
    [XS-O-1 vocalizations]

    Widerhallen: I have never heard a call that loud before, I--I see them, Umufi, three coming in.
    Isihlabani: Where?
    [conventional weapons fire]

    Widerhallen: Got it. Wie gefällt es Ihnen, saftsack?
    Isihlabani: Good shooting, Widerhallen. What about the others.
    Widerhallen: They are hiding. I have no shots.
    Isihlabani: Come down from there. We make them come to us.
    Widerhallen: Agreed. My rifle needs a new magazine anyway.

    Isihlabani: Where... are you... etter--there.
    [conventional weapons fire]

    Isihlabani: Damn it, he is still alive.
    Widerhallen: Already taken care of, Isihlabani.

    [conventional explosive detonation]

    Isihlabani: Great work, Sierra... but aren't you supposed to call your frags?
    Widerhallen: Too busy saving your ass, Isihlabani.
    Isihlabani: Stay there, Widerhallen, I am going to have a look around the corner.

    Widerhallen: Anything?
    Isihlabani: No contacts, but I see is another MELD pylon. The approach is too open to try and collect it now, we will worry about it later.
    Widerhallen: Won't it self-destruct?
    Isihlabani: If it does, I hope that I will be able to offer Dr. Vahlen my sincerest apologies with all my limbs intact.

    [unknown explosive detonation]

    Widerhallen: You had better start writing that apology.
    Isihlabani: Do not move, I am coming up to you.
    Widerhallen: Here, get behind that stack of bricks and watch for contacts, I'm going to go up a level and see what I can see.
    Isihlabani: All right.
    Widerhallen: Well, I don't see anything....
    Isihlabani: I'm coming up to join--
    Widerhallen: Shhh.

    [XS-O-1 vocalization]

    Isihlabani: Contact?
    Widerhallen: Nein. Keep your voice down, I think they are listening for us.
    Isihlabani: I'm here.
    Widerhallen: I'm moving up. The sounds came from below, I should be able to see them.

    Widerhallen: Still nothing. Where could they be....

    Widerhallen: There, I see them. Scheiße, they have scuttled away out of sight. I will have to move to the edge to get a proper shot.
    Isihlabani: On your six, Sierra.
    Widerhallen: I have only one Charlie. What do you think, Umufi?
    Isihlabani: Don't waste your ammunition. Let us wait and see.
    Widerhallen: I believe I have something for that.

    Isihlabani: How is your vision?
    Widerhallen: Uncompromised. I still see the Xray. It looks like he's getting ready to mindlink with his partner.
    Isihlabani: Perfect.
    Widerhallen: There is the other Charlie. Incoming.

    [unknown weapons fire]

    Isihlabani: Are you all right, Sierra?
    Widerhallen: I am fine, Umufi.
    Isihlabani: Excellent. Keep an eye on that one, I'm going after the mindlinker.
    Widerhallen: Understood.
    Isihlabani: Hello, my little gray friend.

    [conventional weapons fire]

    Isihlabani: What's the status of the other Charlie?
    Widerhallen: He is down, Umufi. Turn your radio back on.
    Isihlabani: Do you copy, Sierra?

    Widerhallen: Solid copy, Umufi. As the Americans say, I believe it is time to face the music and dance.
    Bradford: You're Goddamned right about that, Officer Widerhallen. You better have some stellar fucking news for me.
    Isihlabani: The site is secure, Bradford, and we even have some MELD for you. Permission to return to Central.
    Bradford: Both of you get your asses back here for debriefing immediately.
    Squad: Sir.
    Bradford: And... make sure you pick up Bogestrom and de Rând... for burial.
    Squad: Sir.

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  • scherbchenscherbchen Asgard (it is dead)Registered User regular

    such pretty

    much wowe

  • Dead LegendDead Legend Registered User regular
    I am certainly impressed

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  • sarukunsarukun RIESLING OCEANRegistered User regular
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    Bradford: Does one of you want to tell me just what the fuck you thought you were doing out there?
    Isihlabani: Completing the mission, sir.
    Bradford: Let's get something very clear, Officer Isihlabani: there is only a mission if I say there is a mission. When I say "Return to Central", you return to Central.
    Widerhallen: With all due respect, sir, we finished the sweep.
    Bradford: And what if you hadn't finished the sweep, Officer Widerhallen? How do I explain to the Commander, the President of the United States, and the rest of the world that I sent a Skyranger out to a controlled, docile urban environment and it came back with all hands lost? This is day twenty-five of this project, and we lost half a squad. Do you have any idea what it would have done to morale here if I reported that Officer Bogestrom's squad went up against ten hostiles and got taken completely apart? We are in it for the long haul, Officers. Even if one country pulls out of the Council, the XCOM project will continue. Think about that the next time you decide to charge into the field blind, deaf, and dumb.
    Widerhallen and Isihlabani: Sir.
    Bradford: Now then.... If I have made myself perfectly clear on the operation of the Chain of Command, the Commander would like to extend his thanks to both of you. He has advised me to inform you that your service to the XCOM project was exemplary, in spite of your insubordination, and that your ability to remain calm in the face of overwhelming odds and the loss of half your squad is a credit to your Squad Leader, and each of you. However, he reminds you that this organization relies on the Chain of Command to operate efficiently. There for he has chosen not to promote either of you to Corporal at this time. We will be assigning new members to your squad soon: in the meantime, you will both be on probation until further notice.

    Bradford: Any questions?
    Widerhallen and Isihlabani: Sir, no sir.
    Bradford: You are dismissed, Officers.

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  • sarukunsarukun RIESLING OCEANRegistered User regular
    @Brovid Hasselsmof

    This is what the Americans gave me, smof. Would you be so kind as to get in here and show these scrubs how it's done?

    Also if you want to give me some details on what you want your character to look like, and if you have a name preference.

    Lord_AsmodeusBrovid HasselsmofSnicketysnickcB557
  • see317see317 Registered User regular
    See people? This is why nobody wants to go to Kansas.

    fightinfilipinoCaulk Bite 6darleysamcB557
  • Brovid HasselsmofBrovid Hasselsmof [Growling historic on the fury road] Registered User regular

    30cm teeth and a weighty tail please.

    Or failing that, green armour and a hat.

    Name... hmm, let's go with Kate Swiss.

  • sarukunsarukun RIESLING OCEANRegistered User regular
    edited May 2014

    30cm teeth and a weighty tail please.

    Or failing that, green armour and a hat.

    Name... hmm, let's go with Kate Swiss.

    @Brovid Hasselsmof
    And, oh, yeah:
    Snapshot or Squadsight
    Savior or Sprinter...!

    Well, now. It seems like I turned on Training Roulette and then forgot about it! This is going to be awesome!
    Savior makes Medkits restore 4 more health, Sprinter allows you to run 3 extra tiles, in case you can't played in a while.

    Edit: I remember now, I wanted everyone to be unique, even if they were the same class. Should be a hoot.

    sarukun on
  • Brovid HasselsmofBrovid Hasselsmof [Growling historic on the fury road] Registered User regular
    Squadsight and.. erm.. saviour please. Shouldn't need to do much running if I can shoot things from the next county over, and it'd be good to help my buddies out by carrying extra gauze to stuff into their gushing wounds,

  • Romanian My EscutcheonRomanian My Escutcheon Two of Forks Registered User regular
    @sarukun‌ Out of curiosity, what's the policy on getting back in the rotation if our characters bite the dust/grenade/searing green ball of plasma?

  • sarukunsarukun RIESLING OCEANRegistered User regular
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    Memorandum: Central Chatter Transcript for 25/03/15

    Cantina- Time Index 1013

    Blythe: Attention.

    [soldiers snapping to attention]
    Blythe: Present... arms.

    [soldiers saluting]
    Blythe: Order... arms.

    [soldiers snapping to attention]
    Blythe: Stand at... ease.

    Blythe: Thanks, everyone, for coming down here and helping Nicky... Officer Shoumin, here, and myself to put this together. I regret to say that I did not know Officer de Rând very well... but I knew her Squad Leader. I know all of you receive a packet, like we did when we first arrived, that contains a transcript of our first contact with the aliens. What you may not know is that Officer Shoumin, myself, and Officer Bogestrom were three of the voices on the recording that transcript describes. I am not at liberty to discuss a lot of the details about that night, but I can tell you this: Officer Paul Bogestrom was in charge that night. He got us through that shitstorm. He never forgave himself for losing a man, who I have taken the liberty of including on our memorial wall, here; but he also never let it distract him, bring him down. I urge all of you here today to follow his example. This is war. We are going to lose a lot more before this is over; friends, comrades, loved ones back home. We cannot allow that to hold us back or distract us. When these little gray motherfuckers bloody our noses, we have to get back up and hit them back ten fold, and do it with a clear head. I didn't intend to come here to mourn today. I will always miss Officer Bogestrom... Paul. I will regret that I did not have the chance to know Ruminka de Rând better. But I will not allow their deaths to stand in the way of my duty to my Squad, to the XCOM project, or to the world. Soldiers they were in life, and soldiers they remain in death, committed to the defense of this planet. Do them honor by keeping a clear head and dedicating every Xray you kill to their memory. Thank you.

    Shoumin: Blythe was always better than me with the speeches. Better than Bogey, even.... Squad Leader Bogestrom was a good friend. He taught me everything I know about leading a squad, and I mean to do him proud. I wish I had more to say about Officer de Rând. One thing I don't think I'll ever be able to forget... she seemed so excited when they started bringing in the bunks for the newbies, Kores, Darley, and Kyouji; hanging around up there on P1 all by herself. I don't know if she ever got the chance to introduce herself, but I think she wanted to really welcome you all to this weird little family... make you as comfortable as possible, you know what I mean? So even if you never sat down to mess with her or shook her hand, just keep her in mind when you've got a bead on one of those ugly motherfuckers. I guess that's all I've got.

    Blythe: You did good, Nicky. Company, dismiss.

    sarukun on
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  • sarukunsarukun RIESLING OCEANRegistered User regular
    @sarukun‌ Out of curiosity, what's the policy on getting back in the rotation if our characters bite the dust/grenade/searing green ball of plasma?

    @Romanian My Escutcheon‌ As it stands, the list of people waiting to play is fairly short, so I don't see why we can't figure something clever out and put anybody who wants back in on the end of the list. If we do get new people signing up I will probably put them ahead of people who already had a shot, because it seems only fair, but that's a big if: the thread's been around for over a month now and there's only like 4 people on the waiting list.

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    @Brovid Hasselsmof

    Bradford: Come in, Sergeant, have a seat.
    "smof": Thank you, Central Officer.
    Bradford: I have your file here, Sergeant.

    Bradford: An impressive body of work. Your service to the United States was exemplary.
    "smof": Thank you sir.
    Bradford: Please note that I used the past tense, Sergeant. We appreciate your assignment to the project, and the expertise you bring is invaluable to our efforts. I have much to discuss with you with regards to our command structure and modus operandi in the field.

    Bradford: However, I want to make sure that you understand that you are not "on loan" to this project. As far as the United States Government is concerned, you no longer exist. We have exactly one Commander in Chief in this organization, Sergeant, and his office is across the Geoscape and one deck up from this one, not at 1600 Pennsylvania. I know that the NSA likes to keep tabs on everything that goes on everywhere in the world, but they do not have eyes down here, Sergeant Swiss, and you are not to be a pair of eyes for them. If they approached you, and gave you orders, I recommend you tell me now, and we will get things sorted out. We know that you do not have any listening or transmitting devices on your person or in any of your gear; but, rest assured, if you attempt to make any transmissions from this facility, or leave it without permission, we will have a problem. Is that clear?
    "smof": Perfectly, Central Officer. Now let me tell you something.
    Bradford: ...I'm listening.
    "smof": I was approached by the NSA. I was given a transmitting device. It was my job to be their eyes and ears down here. And do you know what? I left the bug on the tarmac when I hopped onto your little air bus. I agreed to take this position for exactly. One. Reason: to put a hollow point in the head of every last bug-eyed motherfucker that I see. So save your dire warning and lectures, Central Officer, sir, and tell the Commander to back the fuck off. I'm already on your side.
    Bradford: Good. The Commander's faith in you is apparently well founded.
    "smof": The hell does that mean, Bradford?
    Bradford: This dressing down was for my benefit. I have had enough dealings with the Americans to know better than to trust any gift horse they send without looking it square in the mouth. But you have the Commander's personal confidence in you to thank for this opportunity; he asked for you by name.
    "smof": Is that right? How long have you been watching me?
    Bradford: The Commander keeps his own council on potential recruits, but I have personally been following your career for less than twenty-four hours; ever since the Xrays touched down in Kansas.
    "smof": Is that a fact.
    Bradford: Indeed, Sergeant Swiss. Now, if you will excuse me, I have a lot of paper work to take care of before my rotation ends today. Oh, and before you go....
    "smof": Yes, Central Officer?
    Bradford: You're new around here, and this little meeting is not exactly on the books, so I'm giving you some latitude with your insubordination. Address me like that outside that door, and you'll be cleaning the latrines until the end of the project. Do I make myself clear?
    "smof": Crystal, Central Officer Bradford, sir.
    Bradford: Get out of here. And Sergeant?
    "smof": What?
    Bradford: Welcome to XCOM.

    [Recording Ends- Time Index 1431]

    sarukun on
  • sarukunsarukun RIESLING OCEANRegistered User regular
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    [redacted]: It's open, Bradford.
    Bradford: Thank you, sir.
    [redacted]: The Council's progress report is in. Have a look.

    Bradford: An excellent result for our first official month of operation, sir. The United States has drawn back down to Green-1--.
    [redacted]: I don't know that Officers de Rând or Bogestrom would agree with that assessment, Bradford.
    Bradford: Well... you know the saying about eggs and omelettes, sir.
    [redacted]: My soldiers are not chicken's eggs, Bradford.
    Bradford: Of course not sir.
    [redacted]: Bradford, you're on this project because you're the best, and you volunteered. I know your heart is in the right place.
    Bradford: Thank you, sir.
    [redacted]: But your head, one of this organization's most valuable assets, is planted firmly up your ass.
    Bradford: I--sir?
    [redacted]: I don't know if you assumed I wouldn't catch wind of your dressing down with Sergeant Swiss, but if our time together over the past few years has taught me anything about you, you probably did. So I'm not going to bother to tear you a new asshole on that, because I'm sure you also already know that I won't tolerate it again. And finally, I'm going to let you in on a little secret, Bradford: I don't give a fuck what the Council says, we are in deep shit.
    Bradford: Sir, the loss of Bogestrom and de Rând--.
    [redacted]: Was a calculated risk. But we have exactly thirteen bodies remaining with which to protect five-hundred-and-ten million square kilometers twenty-four hours every single day. We're going to order more. We're going to get better equipment. But this invasion is going to get much, much worse before it gets better: this entire operation is a slow bleed, Bradford, and those thirteen souls down there on the P-deck are going to bear the brunt of it. So check your attitude at the door, mister, and give these men and women the benefit of the doubt. Clear?
    Bradford: Y--yes, sir.
    [redacted]: And you are not to dress down any other recruits that I procure for us without my say so. It was pulling teeth getting Sergeant Swiss for this, even when the NSA thought she might make a good mole. If they are cleared to get on the elevator, they don't need a talking to about the Chain of Command. Our security measures are good enough to keep this place secure, we'll deal with any problems as they crop up.
    Bradford: Understood, Commander.
    [redacted]: Now, what else do I need to know.
    Bradford: I have a detailed report on Project Spark per your orders, sir.

    [redacted]: Excellent. Where are we on the Containment Facility?
    Bradford: I will have to verify that the Council's funding has been made available, but pending completion of the transfer, we should be able to being construction immediately.
    [redacted]: Last I checked we're out of space on B1. Have Shen begin excavation.
    Bradford: Doctor Shen has asked me to inform you that our other option is to tunnel further down. He indicates that sonics suggests several empty chambers below us.
    [redacted]: That would at least double the cost of construction. Unless we can get some other sources of funding, I'd like to keep our expenditures as low as possible.

    Bradford: We could always let go of a few... unused artifacts.
    [redacted]: Not yet. I'd like to give Vahlen a chance to look over them first.
    Bradford: Dr. Vahlen is currently occupied with studying the weapon fragments we've been recovering from neutralized hostiles, per your recommendation.

    Bradford: She has been working closely with the new researcher recruited from Leipzig University. She informed me at 2200 yesterday that she should only require another day or two to finish her testing and deliver a report. She does recommend, however, that we consider adding a few more staff as soon as possible.
    [redacted]: When we have the money, Bradford.
    Bradford: I will see what I can do for us about that, sir.
    [redacted]: Let me know when you have something. It's going to take a lot more than a paltry 95 million to save the world. Dismissed.
    Bradford: Sir.
    [Recording Ends- Time Index 1248]

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    CONTACT EVENT USC.02 -02/04/15 - TIME INDEX 1720

    Bradford: This is the real thing people, I want a bird in the air and Personnel Decks on alert. Who's on deck right now?
    Colón: With the new rotation, it's Officer Blythe, sir.
    Bradford: Perfect. Do me a favor and get Sergeant Swiss up here, too.
    Colón: Aye, sir, paging Sergeant Swiss.
    Bradford: Put me through to the Blackbird .

    Stark: Yes sir, putting you through to Captain Wilson now, sir.
    Bradford: Blackbird 1, this is CO Bradford, how copy?
    "Maniac": Clear as a church bell on a sweet Sunday morning, CO.
    Bradford: Pay attention to what you're doing, Captain. If my satellite feed is to be believed, this one's a little bigger than the last.
    "Maniac": Just means she'll be easier to hit, Central Officer. I'm about 8 clicks out, should have a visual any... ah, there she is.

    [intercom static]
    "Maniac": Ho! Well, CO, they're not too glad to see me. Think they remember the last one I brought down?

    [intercom static]
    "Maniac": Damn, I'm not even in range yet.
    Bradford: Don't wait for Target Lock, Captain, give them something to think about.
    "Maniac": Copy that, sir, Blackbird 1, Fox 2.

    "Maniac": Son of a bitch, sir, this bastard is even more slippery than the last one. I have target lock, Fox 3 is away.
    Bradford: Fire at will, Captain, he's starting pull away from you.

    [intercom static]
    "Maniac": I'm getting torn up out here, sir. Blackbird 1 Fox 3. Fox 3. Fox 2.

    [intercom static]
    "Maniac": Jesus.
    Bradford: Get the hell out of there, Maniac. You will not lose that Raven, do you understand me Blackbird 1?
    "Maniac": I can do this, CO.
    Bradford: Negative, Blackbird , you will abort and return to base. Get Blackbird 2 up there right now.
    "Maniac": Yeah... yeah, he's too fast for me anyway. Blackbird 1 is returning to base.
    Bradford: Put me through to the second Raven.
    Stark: Blackbird 2, Captain Yolanda "Angel" Jilot, coming in... now, sir.
    Bradford: Blackbird 2, this is Central. We almost lost one to this thing, Captain. Put it to bed quickly.
    "Angel": I have solid copy, Central Officer, closing to target lock.

    [intercom static]
    "Angel": Merde. Blackbird 2, Fox 3. Huh.
    Bradford: Status, Blackbird 2.
    "Angel": The Uniform is grounded, sir. Tell Maniac I'm not sure what his problem was; there's hardly a scratch on my Raven.
    Bradford: Copy that, Blackbird 2. Get back to Central on the double, I want the hanger clear for the airbus.
    "Angel": Solid copy, Central, Blackbird 2 coming home.

    Lord_AsmodeusCaulk Bite 6darleysamSnicketysnickcB557
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    Bradford: Squad, Officer Blythe, I don't know if you have had the opportunity to introduce yourself yet, so consider this your first play date: this is Sergeant Kate Swiss, callsign "smof". She will be filling Officer Shoumin's old spot in your squad today. Officer Blythe, it is your responsibility to show Sergeant Swiss the ropes. She has been briefed on our field operations to date, but this will be the first time she sees Xrays in action.
    "smof": Not the first time....
    Bradford: Listen up, squad. Sergeant Swiss is the ranking officer for this Sunday stroll, but she will be, per the Commander's orders, taking a backseat for this operation. Officer Blythe, you are still Squad Leader, here. That means the responsibility for these soldiers remains yours.
    Blythe: Wouldn't have it any other way, sir.
    Bradford: Excellent. Kindly direct your attention to the Geoscape, squad.

    Bradford: Our Uniform is down in a heavily wooded area along the Ukrainian-Belarussian border: we believe a fire of some kind has been started, as our satellite imagery is obscured by a rather thick smoke cloud. Your visibility may not be very good, and sunset will be in less than an hour. Exercise caution, but do not hesitate to open-fire on suspected hostiles: there should be no civilians near the site, and we have already worked out a deal with Belarussian and Ukrainian officials to establish a perimeter around the crash site. You should not encounter any friendlies while on-site. Is there a question, Sìon?
    Sìon: Just... wondering what in the hell kind of First Aid Kit this is, sir.

    Bradford: State of the Art is what it is, soldier. Each unit contains a revolutionary universal stem-cell solution, along with disinfectant and pain-killers. Developed by our own Dr. Vahlen to counter-act the burn-like nature of the wounds inflicted by the alien's ordinance, simply point it at the affected area and pull the trigger. It will begin the healing process immediately, though Dr. Vahlen warns that its long-term effects are untested and standard medical procedure following injury in the field will remain unchanged to ensure our soldiers remain healthy. Any other questions? Officer, Blythe, Dr. Shen has asked me to take explosives off the table for this mission, but I have denied him. However, he asks that, if you are fortunate enough to encounter another working power generator, you take the utmost care in neutralizing whatever defenses the Uniform may have.
    Blythe: I trust you informed the good doctor that my squad's safety is my number one priority, especially after Lazy God?
    Bradford: It went without saying, Squad Leader; however, I will not tolerate wanton use of this organization's munitions.
    Blythe: Nothing I do in the field is wanton, Central Officer.
    Bradford: See that it stays that way. Dismissed, squad; and good luck.
    Squad: Sir.

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  • Caulk Bite 6Caulk Bite 6 One of the multitude of Dans infesting this place Registered User regular
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    "Nothing I do on the field is wanton, just try not to notice that I've inscribed the words 'Wanton Violence' on my rocket launcher,Central Officer."

    Caulk Bite 6 on
  • sarukunsarukun RIESLING OCEANRegistered User regular
    That's just her name, right?

  • Caulk Bite 6Caulk Bite 6 One of the multitude of Dans infesting this place Registered User regular
    Yeah, let's go with that.

  • scherbchenscherbchen Asgard (it is dead)Registered User regular
    I have a bad good feeling about this, guys!

    short trip to Germany, beer-and-sausages high-five!

  • Lord_AsmodeusLord_Asmodeus goeticSobriquet: Here is your magical cryptic riddle-tumour: I AM A TIME MACHINERegistered User regular
    It's been too long since a Red Russian set foot in Germany...


    Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if Labor had not first existed. Labor is superior to capital, and deserves much the higher consideration. - Lincoln
  • darleysamdarleysam On my way to UKRegistered User regular
    Have to say I'm constantly impressed by the amount of effort you're putting into this. It's super good!

    fightinfilipinoCaulk Bite 6sarukunLabelIoloLord_AsmodeuscB557
  • Brovid HasselsmofBrovid Hasselsmof [Growling historic on the fury road] Registered User regular
    edited May 2014
    Yeah. Shows my LP up for the half-arsed effort it was.

    But as long as I get to headshot some tangos that's cool. I'm'a keep the tie from every thin man I kill.

    Brovid Hasselsmof on
  • darleysamdarleysam On my way to UKRegistered User regular
    Yeah. Shows my LP up for the half-arsed effort it was.

    But as long as I get to headshot some tangos that's cool. I'm'a keep the tie from every thin man I kill.

    Yours was really good!

    RainfallSnicketysnickCaulk Bite 6sarukunAlexandierLabelIolocB557
  • sarukunsarukun RIESLING OCEANRegistered User regular
    Yeah. Shows my LP up for the half-arsed effort it was.

    But as long as I get to headshot some tangos that's cool. I'm'a keep the tie from every thin man I kill.

    Oh, that's not fair, I had a lot of fun with your LP. And let's not forget, the fancy cropping is all thanks to Caulk Bite. It's been literally years since I had the chance to tool around with Photoshop, I figured this project was a good one to reacquaint myself with it.

    So it's not like... I'm doing this ... for... you guys...?

    Look, my point is your LP is what inspired me and it was great and everyone should be happy.

    Brovid HasselsmofIolodarleysamcB557
  • fightinfilipinofightinfilipino Angry as Hell #BLMRegistered User regular
    i refuse to be happy because Brogey is deeeeeeeaaaaaaaadddd ;_;

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  • sarukunsarukun RIESLING OCEANRegistered User regular
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    Speaking of @Caulk Bite 6‌, I am about to have some fun at his expense: I pray he will find it in his heart to forgive me some day.

    Edit: Oh my God, at the tail ass end of probably the most perfect, by-the-numbers game I've ever played, XCOM randomly crashes for no reason.

    I am furious.

    Edit: At least with Ironman it always saves your progress, even if it's more like miserable failure. God dammit, I am pissed.

    Edit: Everything is fine, nothing is broken. I somehow managed to have an even better run.

    I think knowing where everything was going to come from ahead of time may have helped.

    sarukun on
    Lord_AsmodeusCaulk Bite 6cB557
  • sarukunsarukun RIESLING OCEANRegistered User regular
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    "smof": ...What?
    Blythe: Oh, no, nothing, I just, uh... I was just thinking that... y'know, that Swiss... I mean, it's not really, you know... it's kind of an... interesting name, you know?
    "smof": I was adopted, jackass.
    Blythe: Oh, no, I mean, of course, I mean, yes, that... uh, I get that.
    "smof": Good.
    Blythe: So, you don't, uh... you don't speak any--?
    "smof": I speak Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, and French, okay? I studied French in High School, Mandarin in College, and just found time for the other two whenever. And I'm ethnically Hmong, which I don't speak at all. Are we done now?
    Blythe: Wow, that's... I mean, really impressive, no mistake... that's... wow, four different.... Look, I think we got off on the wrong foot here, I'm Culkin J. Blythe VI, pleased to meet you. Welcome to the squad, when we get back I'll get all of us a round and we can laugh about how awkward this conversation was!
    Sìon: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, Squad Leader, you really are a cock bite.
    Blythe: Oh, come on now, I didn't mean nothin' by it....
    "smof": I hope to God you lead your squad better than you steer your small talk, Blythe.
    Blythe: All, right, all right, what'll it take. I'm sorry, all right? It was rude and foolish, and I'd like to try and start over.
    "smof": Tell you what, Officer, I'll let you buy me that round back at Central if you can put down more Charlies than me on this one, deal?
    Blythe: All right... and what if I lose?
    "smof": My superiors were always commending me for my creativity, I'm sure I'll think of something interesting.
    Blythe: Ooch, I do not like the sound of that. All right, done.
    Petrova: Exuse me, Squad Leader, but am I the only one who remembers that the beers on tap back at Central are all on the house?
    Blythe: Stow it, Petrova. It's the principle of the thing.
    Petrova: In principle, if someone gives me beer to make amends, I prefer that they spent money on it.

    [cabin door banging]
    Blythe: All right, wrap it up people, we're putting down in less than five. Petrova, you're on point, followed by Sergeant Swiss and Sìon. I'll bring up the rear, where no one can see me blushing.
    Sìon: We can't see you blushing through that helmet anyway, Squad Leader.
    Blythe: Thank you, Petty Officer Sìon.
    Sìon: Not at all, sir.

    Blythe: This was a pretty good drop. Decent cover, and I can see the wreckage from here.

    Blythe: All right, people, we take it slow. There's good cover out here, make use of it. Much as I'd like to win this little contest, I plan to make full use of our long guns, so I will take point. Sìon, you're baby-sitting the new kid.
    Sìon: Understood, sir.
    "smof": Don't call me that.
    Blythe: Sìon, you are watching Sergeant Swiss' flank.
    "smof": I have a callsign, Officer, you might consider using it.
    Blythe: Sìon, please take good care of... er... "smoff"? "smoof"? How do you pronounce that?
    "smof": smof. Just like it's spelled.
    Blythe: Glad we cleared that up. Oh, look!

    Blythe: How much do you know about the MELD substance... er, smof?
    "smof": Never heard of it. It was mentioned briefly in the welcome packet as something R&D has been working on?
    Blythe: Trying to, anyway. Secondary mission objective. Let's all go have a look, shall we?

    Blythe: Carefully, now. I doubt they've just left this thing unguarded. They seem to get agitated whenever we catch them near one. Try and defend it, y'see.
    Petrova: All points remain clear, Squad Leader.
    Blythe: Moving to the pylon. Be ready for anything, grabbing the material might just set 'em off.

    Blythe: Or... perhaps... not.
    "smof": Impressive. Have you considered the possibility that all the Xrays perished in the crash?
    Blythe: It's one of many competing theories I'm entertaining at the moment. Squad, move up and cover my flank. If they come charging out of that thing I want them to enjoy a belly-full of lead.
    Petrova: Roger, moving to you, Squad Leader.
    Sìon: On my way.
    "smof": All right, let's have a look at this... MELD gunk. It looks sort of like--.

    [unknown vocalization]

    Sìon: What in the hell...?
    Blythe: I am making an executive decision to rule out the "died in the crash" hypothesis.
    "smof": I second the motion.
    Petrova: It sounded like someone ran a lion roar through a dubstep filter.
    Blythe: ...What?
    Petrova: What? It is popular in the Russian dance clubs right now.
    Blythe: Good... to know....
    Petrova: I do not like waiting at the mouth of the cave for dubstep lion to come and greet us, Blythe. Permission to advance?
    Blythe: Aye. Let's get up against the hull, there.
    Petrova: Well, well, what do you know. A second gift for Dr. Vahlen.
    "smof": Go on, I'll cover you from here.
    Blythe: Thank you, Sergeant. Get up here, Sìon.
    Sìon: Moving to you.

    Blythe: Okay, now this one is probably being watched from in side the ship, so let me get over and have a look. Prepare to engage when I give the hand signal. Ready?

    Blythe: Okay, I'm rewriting the book on MELD when we get back to Central. Get up here, Squad.
    "smof": You do fight aliens in this outfit, right Blythe? That's a thing you've done before?
    Sìon: Don't feel too bad, Squad Leader, I'm sure--.

    [unknown vocalization]

    Petrova: The dubstep lion is stalking us.
    Blythe: Relax, Petrova. It might just be sweeping the ship. As long as those doors stay closed, we're in the clear. Just keep an eye on'em.
    Sìon: Doors?
    Blythe: Well... it's a brightly colored energy field plugging a hole in the ship. What'd you call it? Och, never mind, I'm movin' to collect the MELD.

    Blythe: And still no sign of our hosts. I'm moving back to you, let's take a minute and figure this out.

    Blythe: All right, squad. We know something crawling around in there. Do we want to go with our known unknowns or do we scout the rest of the area first?
    Petrova: I prefer the known unknown. We take our chances with dubstep lion.
    Sìon: Ach, quit callin' it that, for Crissakes. I vote perimeter sweep, Squad Leader.
    Blythe: And our resident film critic? Weigh in, smof.
    "smof": I am not wild about the cover or the visibility out there. Plus, if this thing could survive a crash like this in one piece, it's got to be made of some tough stuff. I say we breach and try using their resources against them.
    Blythe: I like where your head's at, Sergeant. All right, Petrova, your idea to meet the dubstep lion, you go first.
    Petrova: It will be my pleasure, Squad Leader.

    Blythe: Keep an eye on those doors, Sìon, or this'll go pear shaped quick.
    Sìon: You keep the heid, Squad Leader, I've got it.
    Blythe: Everyone in position?
    "smof": And not a moment too soon. Incoming.

    Petrova: At last, the dubstep lion shows itself.
    Blythe: I suppose if they took me apart and put me back together with the engine from my truck, I'd probably make that sound too. The Sectoids have scurried off, and I don't see the other... floating... torso... thing. Petrova? smof?

    [conventional weapons fire]

    "smof": Oh, damn it.
    Blythe: Why, you dirty chancer... you tried to get the jump on on the contest.
    "smof": Guilty. And if you don't hurry up and take your shot, I'm going to have this thing relo--.

    [conventional weapons fire]

    Sìon: Hah. My first Kilo, it's a floater. You owe me a drink, Squad Leader.
    Blythe: Now hold the fuck on, you're not even part of the bet, Sìon. Besides, you were supposed to be watching the door.
    Sìon: Spoilsport.
    Blythe: Look, jst watch your points and get ready to tag them as they come into line of sight, all right?

    Blythe: See anything?
    Petrova: нет.
    "smof": Clear.
    Sìon: They ought to think twice after--.

    [Floater and unknown vocalizations]

    Sìon: Hoo, but there's a lot going on back there.
    Blythe: Sìon, you do not take your eyes off that door for anything, do you understand?
    Sìon: Sir.
    "smof": The you are, you son of a....

    [conventional weapons fire]
    Blythe: Hah. My turn.

    [conventional weapons fire]

    Blythe: Hm. I think we may want to consider calling this one a draw, Sergeant.
    "smof": Watch your head, Blythe.

    Blythe: Well, so much for our theory about the fuselage in this thing, that shot did quite a number on that back wall.
    "smof": Do we maybe want to think about finding another--.
    Sìon: Holy shite, Blythe, the door.

    [conventional weapons fire]

    Sìon: Negative on my shot.
    "smof": Jesus, Petrova, check your fire.
    Blythe: Wait... where the fuck did they go?

    sarukun on
    Caulk Bite 6Lord_AsmodeusIolocB557
  • sarukunsarukun RIESLING OCEANRegistered User regular
    edited May 2014
    Trying a little something new and different.

    Let me know what you think.

    Edit: Initial appraisal: too much white space.

    sarukun on
  • Caulk Bite 6Caulk Bite 6 One of the multitude of Dans infesting this place Registered User regular
    Good jokes, all around. all is forgiven.

    and yes, a tad much on the white space. but cool anyway.

  • fightinfilipinofightinfilipino Angry as Hell #BLMRegistered User regular
    Dubstep Lion

    lies in wait until the bass drops.

    steam | Dokkan: 868846562
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  • Karrde1842Karrde1842 Registered User regular
    @sarukun I'd like to put my name on the waitlist if possible. I've been enjoying reading this and want to get in on the fun!

  • sarukunsarukun RIESLING OCEANRegistered User regular
    Good jokes, all around. all is forgiven.

    and yes, a tad much on the white space. but cool anyway.

    Think I'm gonna break it up with some regular ol' squares here and there.

  • Caulk Bite 6Caulk Bite 6 One of the multitude of Dans infesting this place Registered User regular
    sarukun wrote: »
    Good jokes, all around. all is forgiven.

    and yes, a tad much on the white space. but cool anyway.

    Think I'm gonna break it up with some regular ol' squares here and there.

    would it be too complex to do the thing you're doing now, but just block off large swathes of white space as transparent? like leave a white border, fill the rest in off-white and set that off-white variety as the transparency (not sure if that would actually work or be at all simple)?

  • sarukunsarukun RIESLING OCEANRegistered User regular
    edited May 2014
    sarukun wrote: »
    Good jokes, all around. all is forgiven.

    and yes, a tad much on the white space. but cool anyway.

    Think I'm gonna break it up with some regular ol' squares here and there.

    would it be too complex to do the thing you're doing now, but just block off large swathes of white space as transparent? like leave a white border, fill the rest in off-white and set that off-white variety as the transparency (not sure if that would actually work or be at all simple)?

    It's easy to do, but jpegs don't have alpha channels, and PNGs tend to be enormous; a handful of these images get up into the 400ks, which is the upper limit; I don't want to break 500K, as I seem to recall that's around the time Tube gets cranky.

    On my screen everything looks okay, because the Forum I use is all white space anyway, but some of the pictures still just look way too empty. Bad color-vs-whitespace ratio for the page.

    There's a handful of actual designs in there I just don't like; when in doubt, I'll go back to regular squares. I was trying a shapes-theme type thing, where images of the team are circular and images of the Xenos had angles, but it's a little too limiting, I have to do really weird shit to get some of them to crop right, like that third-to-last on up there.

    The very last image there is kind of yucky too. I like the little saturn ones, though, where I broke up boring, empty game space in some of the photos by putting another image over the barren spots: cool silhouette, good use of space. I also figured out some fast, reliable ways to crop them, so it doesn't actually take much longer to make them than just cropping the picture, which is nice.

    I am geeking out about Photoshop so hard right now, this is great, thank you for thiiiiiiiiiiiiis.

    sarukun on
    Caulk Bite 6scherbchenfightinfilipinoLord_AsmodeusIolocB557
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