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Sharpen your History Skills with Pixel Journey

TubeTube Registered User admin
My name is Rob Enriquez, I’m an independent IOS developer based in the San Francisco Bay Area and I want to show you Pixel Journey.

Pixel Journey is an entertaining Picture Logic Puzzle Game for the IOS platform.

The game is about you aspiring to be a Great Explorer. You will discerningly solve puzzles ranging from a simple Sunflower to the more complex Great Pyramids of Giza and Mayan hieroglyphics.

-With 190+ puzzles to solve with difficulty varying from single section to quad sections, Pixel Journey is guaranteed to keep you enticed for hours and hours of gameplay.

-18 Achievements to earn and Game Center High Score Leaderboard will inspire players to compete for the Top rank.

-When a puzzle is solved, the game will reveal the secret picture and a brief “Did you know that..." historical or fun fact about it.

-It’s completely Free to play; however the game offers some In-App Purchase Items to further enhance players' enjoyment.

-The App is Universal and will play with any iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices running IOS 6 or higher.

Here is the link to the App Store

And the link of the Game Trailer published in Youtube

You can also view the Gameplay Tutorial published in Youtube

You can find more information by visiting my website at

Here are a couple of screenshots



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