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New here, hello!

teeketchteeketch MassachusettsRegistered User regular
Hello folks, this is my first post in the artist section and apologies if I am doing this wrong. Anyways I am away from home house sitting this week and deided to use this time o practice working on my new(ish) Surface. Anyways I decided to do some Eyrewood fanart and have so far finished a Daughter and a member of the Thornwatch. Thanks for checking them out :)



  • TopknotTopknot Artist MichiganRegistered User regular
    I was gonna say this reminds me a lot of the PA comics, then I decided to read the post hahaha! Awesome emulation of their work! Though I'm sure Iruka will say the shading looks flat hehehe, she's hardcore about the shadows and highlights. Which I need to get better at myself :(

  • BlairJCampbellBlairJCampbell South JerseyRegistered User new member
    Stellar work, brother.

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