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Bebarce's Art Thread - You know nothing Drawn Crow



  • tynictynic PICNIC BADASS Registered User, ClubPA regular
    hey no worries, everything is good practise.
    Just as a first thought, you may want to think about practising different kinds of strokes. You've gone for kind of a scribble approach here, which CAN work but it feels like you're just using it to try and hurry through the shading rather than enhance the form of the object. I think practising some more deliberate mark-making could help.

    Andrew has a tutorial floating around somewhere about inking (I rehosted it and I think it's linked in the tute thread), which is really good about demonstrating the different kind of lines you can use. Of course, his methods are also phenomenally obsessive-compulsive - I wouldn't use it as an actual inking guide unless you already tend that way, personality-wise.

  • bebarcebebarce Registered User regular
    I'd read through it ages ago, and you're right in my need for practice. I'll hunt it down. It's the one with god rising from a church right? But even though the appearance suggests otherwise, this wasn't so much me rushing through as much as it was me not knowing how to differentiate shades with a single black marker other than increasing or decreasing the number of several directional strokes. It'd also been recommended to me to try cross hatching. This was my uninformed Google search attempt at doing so.

  • bebarcebebarce Registered User regular
    Tonight's work: Bloodhound


  • bebarcebebarce Registered User regular
    It's not where I want it to be, but I'm putting this one down for now. I'll move back into lessons and tutorials for a time. I got angry "shading" it.


  • earthwormadamearthwormadam ancient crust Registered User regular
    lookin good!

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