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Wildstar: Content Patch #2 is coming! SABOTAGE



  • Lord_AsmodeusLord_Asmodeus goeticSobriquet: Here is your magical cryptic riddle-tumour: I AM A TIME MACHINERegistered User regular
    Aw man that looks so cool. I wish I could afford this game >.>

    I should ask my brother to give me a guest code so I can play for a week. I'll probably play one of the undead guys.

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  • godmodegodmode Southeast JapanRegistered User regular
    Man, I'd offer a code but I gave all mine out already. Kind of a bummer too cause I gave two to my friends that are married and they both didn't like it. Didn't even use them past the first day.

  • Caulk Bite 6Caulk Bite 6 One of the multitude of Dans infesting this place Registered User regular
    Made a grannok medic/scientist on stormtalon. I'm a little surprised the name Rocktoberfest was free, but then I guess I'm more used to CoH naming troubles.

    Arden Canelo
  • Romanian My EscutcheonRomanian My Escutcheon Two of Forks Registered User regular
    I tried Ruins of Kel Voreth yesterday with a pub group.

    Two hours and 10+ deaths later, I have come to the conclusion that life is suffering.

    Caulk Bite 6
  • godmodegodmode Southeast JapanRegistered User regular
    Well, I thought MMO Extravaganza's <Big Damn Heroes> was doing okay, but people are now jumping ship left and right. Not sure where I'm going to go next.

  • surettesurette kill the switch Boston, MARegistered User regular
    godmode wrote: »
    Well, I thought MMO Extravaganza's <Big Damn Heroes> was doing okay, but people are now jumping ship left and right. Not sure where I'm going to go next.
    if you're interested:

  • godmodegodmode Southeast JapanRegistered User regular
    Yeah, I saw everyone talking about going over there. I'm still not halfway to 50 yet though, so I'll get the lay of the land once I'm up there and see what everyone's up to.

  • PsykomaPsykoma Registered User regular
    Downloading the game now.

    I know nothing at all about it besides the OP.

    But it's something new and I don't feel like going back to WoW.

  • NotoriusBENNotoriusBEN Registered User regular
    a lot of people from PA would consider Wildstar the logical evolution of what made WoW the thing it was back in vanilla and BC.
    A lot of it is gonna feel familiar and a lot of it is gonna be new. The lore and flavor of the game are really big selling points to me, and I really suggest you listen to and read it.

    As for choosing a class, try them all. A lot of people just could not get into how the stalker (space rogue) played. But they went on to spellslinger, or medic or warrior and the game clicked for them.
    Same thing for path choice. Choose something that you love doing, because it stays with that character forever.

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    ArthilCaulk Bite 6
  • sarukunsarukun RIESLING OCEANRegistered User regular
    God dammit you fucking nerds, SHOW ME YOUR DUDES.

  • PsykomaPsykoma Registered User regular
    I'm up to level

    I couldn't tell you what race I am, what the name of my class is, what the names of my abilities are, what the name of the zone I'm in is, or anything really.

    But I'm still really enjoying it.

    Caulk Bite 6
  • DirtyDirtyVagrantDirtyDirtyVagrant Registered User regular
    I really want to play this game. Unfortunately a PC is like #50 on my list of financial priorities.

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