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Can't stop the [PHOTO]



  • SublimusSublimus Registered User regular
    Saw this character while shooting a DJ set.

    31112948837_e3e8100dc5_c.jpgDSC_1620 by Whitney Misch, on Flickr

    Some slightly NSFW photos from when I got to go shoot the Blackheart Burlseque

    45886187441_f61a81ccd1_c.jpgDSC_0247 by Whitney Misch, on Flickr

    45162071224_7000ede3fd_c.jpgDSC_0003 by Whitney Misch, on Flickr

    44069692220_8b4f7c5320_c.jpgDSC_9945 by Whitney Misch, on Flickr

  • SublimusSublimus Registered User regular
    Has anyone here messed with those colored smoke bomb things? They're a little trendy, but I feel like there is still room to make something interesting/new with them.

  • CommunistCowCommunistCow Registered User regular
    edited December 2018
    Sublimus wrote: »
    Has anyone here messed with those colored smoke bomb things? They're a little trendy, but I feel like there is still room to make something interesting/new with them.

    I thought about it but they were kind of expensive for me to just tinker with. They seemed to produce a lot less smoke than what is shown in some of the final images I've seen on Instagram. IE the photographers are cloning smoke around or bringing in from other images to make it look more voluminous

    CommunistCow on
    No, I am not really communist. Yes, it is weird that I use this name.
  • RothgarrRothgarr Registered User regular
    You could probably overlay things like these: | PSN: TurgidWilly
  • SublimusSublimus Registered User regular
    Been shooting a lot of live music lately.

    45465006405_d35614cd83_c.jpgDSC_2417 by Whitney Misch, on Flickr

    46326478832_187e3fc001_c.jpgDSC_2774 by Whitney Misch, on Flickr

    32505454738_0ce33cd4a8_c.jpgDSC_2862 by Whitney Misch, on Flickr

    46326473642_38846b2ac1_c.jpgDSC_2982 by Whitney Misch, on Flickr

    32505448888_c1c023e279_c.jpgDSC_3403 by Whitney Misch, on Flickr

    44560490610_e4eec29d26_c.jpgDSC_3407 by Whitney Misch, on Flickr

    46326460282_2e33cbdbcb_c.jpgDSC_3456 by Whitney Misch, on Flickr

    46326456292_473e1b5838_c.jpgDSC_3584 by Whitney Misch, on Flickr

    31438134637_12d77ef60d_c.jpgDSC_3802 by Whitney Misch, on Flickr

    minor incidentdavidsdurionsdjmitchellaProspicienceKashaarFawst
  • RothgarrRothgarr Registered User regular
    Those look really amazing.

    I assume those were all pretty low-light situations. But they all look crisp with no blur at all. What's the simplest advice you'd give to a complete novice with a DSLR to snap decent photos in low light? I tried taking some pictures of my kids for this year's holiday card in low light and no matter what I tried they all sucked. (I use a really old Canon Eos Rebel T1i) | PSN: TurgidWilly
  • davidsdurionsdavidsdurions Your Trusty Meatshield Panhandle NebraskaRegistered User regular
    Tripod, remote trigger, and the fastest lens you can afford.

  • SublimusSublimus Registered User regular
    @Rothgarr Thanks!

    Yeah, basically what @davidsdurions said.

    My process is;
    1 - Widest aperture your lens can do (I generally shoot prime lenses so I can get f1.4)
    2 - Longest shutter speed you can get away with (I read once that 1/x where x is the focal length of the lens is as long as you can get hand held.)
    3 - Crank up your ISO to get a decent exposure (I go as high as I have to, but once you get past 1600, you may see some issues)
    4 - Underexpose/expose for highlights (Blown out highlights kill an image, dark shadows can hide noise. Just keep an eye on your histogram)
    5 - Shoot in RAW. The difference is amazing, especially in what you can bring up out of shadows (which you need since you underexposed).
    6 - Spray and pray. At least for live music where things change quickly.

    Once I get home I'll make a before/after to fully show how much I underexpose. Hope that helps!!

  • RothgarrRothgarr Registered User regular
    Thanks, that really does help.

    As old as my camera is, I really need to learn how to access those settings. I only have three lenses and I'm sure the quality isn't great.

    The only RAW experience I have is from my DJI drones but I'll check it out on my camera. | PSN: TurgidWilly
  • CommunistCowCommunistCow Registered User regular
    Sublimus, I really like the black and white one. Would you mind posting the original color of that one? I'm interested in seeing what that difference looks like.

    No, I am not really communist. Yes, it is weird that I use this name.
  • djmitchelladjmitchella Registered User regular
    Here's a couple of concert photos from my kids christmas concert this year, just for the sake of comparison:



    In terms of shutter speed, the second one is 1/25th at 300mm equivalent (hand-held); I was in a seat a dozen or so rows back in the audience so had less scope for tripods and needed a longish lens. The in-body image stabilisation on Olympus bodies is pretty decent, so I can get away with a lot more than I could otherwise. That said, the focus is in the wrong place, I tend to leave it on center spot which sometimes is wrong; and as you can see, if the subject is moving, 1/25th is still slow enough to get blur from that.

    minor incidentSublimus2 Marcus 2 Ravens
  • SublimusSublimus Registered User regular
    An example of how far I might underexpose and can bring up with RAW (kind of an extreme example)


    And the black and white comp for @CommunistCow


    Basically, I found the green light to be gross and flatten the image. This happens sometimes, so I just check to see if it looks cool in black and white first before I delete it.

    djmitchelladavidsdurions2 Marcus 2 RavensFawst
  • CommunistCowCommunistCow Registered User regular
    edited December 2018
    I recently went to an exhibit at the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art and took some photos of this Tara Donovan exhibit. These giant sculptures were made of somewhat regular materials. The silver balls is made of mylar like you would find in mylar balloons. The piece that has the yellowish woman's silhouette is actually just a bunch of copper colored mylar tubes about 3-4 inches long with a window about 20ft behind it. I asked another patron to stand on the other side of the piece between the window and it to capture her silhouette. Then there is the piece that is just made up of a TON of slinkies.


    Woman's silhouette on the art.



    Metal rings on a wall




    Not Tara Donovan's work ^
    I was playing around with some colored blocks we have in my house.

    Edit: I had to shoot all of this stuff hand held in "low light" which meant I had to up the ISO quite a bit and still deal with some motion blur. They wouldn't allow me to use a tripod in the exhibit otherwise I would have solved the situation that way. As it is I just tried to remove as much noise in post.
    I know I don't shoot much these days but I kinda want to replace my 11 year old 5D Mark I with something that has a better ISO range and less noise. I've been eyeing a 6D mark I since they came down to $1k since the mark II came out.

    CommunistCow on
    No, I am not really communist. Yes, it is weird that I use this name.
  • ProspicienceProspicience The Raven King DenvemoloradoRegistered User regular
    Damn @CommunistCow those are some amazing photos of the exhibit, definitely need to find my way down there to see it as well. That copper tubing photo is gorgeous. I would say the noise isn't very bothersome at all (to me at least). Added noise to photos is quite a trend in photography right now anyways.

    Really loving the extreme close up of the mylar balls and the symmetry of the last two. Beautiful shots overall man!

    @Sublimus dig all those concert shots, really love the fan shot from the magic sword show especially though. That seems to be most people's expressions at those shows, lots of fun.

  • djmitchelladjmitchella Registered User regular
    If anyone else a:has a bunch of photos on flickr, b:isn't going to pay for the pro flickr subscription, and c:has those photos sorted into albums, then when you do the 'download all my stuff' from flickr, you don't get them back in albums, they're in a huge flat list. So I wrote a little tool that uses the flickr metadata you get to put the photos back into folders for easier storage / re-uploading elsewhere. if anyone else needs this.

    (I'm slowly moving everything over to google photos, because while their free tier is maxed out at 16mp, my camera is just under that anyway so it doesn't make a difference to me.)

  • CommunistCowCommunistCow Registered User regular
    edited January 2
    Cool! Thanks for doing that. I was probably going to end up downloading all my photos at some point. I've been sitting around the 1,000 images limit recently. I've also thought about throwing some stuff on 500px.

    In other news I got some Christmas money which made the purchase of a new camera much more reasonable so I bought a Canon 6D Mark II. As expected it has sooooo many whirly-gig gizmos compared to my old 2005 Canon 5D Mark I. I took it out for a test run at Denver Zoo lights and it did pretty damn good for hand held low light shooting.


    Over the break I also spent a fair amount of time watching youtube tutorials on lightroom/photoshop trying to learn some new tricks.
    Playing around with a photo of my kid from earlier this year trying to give it an autumn stylized feel to it:

    This youtube channel has TONS of tutorials. In some of the videos they do a really good job explaining the concepts behind some of the tools in photoshop that I've used for years, but never fully understood.

    CommunistCow on
    No, I am not really communist. Yes, it is weird that I use this name.
  • CommunistCowCommunistCow Registered User regular
    Went to the Denver zoo for the first time and took some pictures of the perty birdies. All the other animals refused to be pretty.

    Lets play a game called "caption this bird".
    I'll start: "What you want, hooman!?"



    No, I am not really communist. Yes, it is weird that I use this name.
  • SublimusSublimus Registered User regular
    edited January 12
    @CommunistCow That owl is awesome haha

    I guess I'm still shooting concerts ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    32842088468_9f80bcab05_c.jpgDSC_5340 by Whitney Misch, on Flickr

    39752117843_b0b24ac157_c.jpgDSC_5213 by Whitney Misch, on Flickr

    46664443312_9c2702c549_c.jpgDSC_5089 by Whitney Misch, on Flickr

    46717079921_9eb380b3f6_c.jpgDSC_4931 by Whitney Misch, on Flickr

    39752133203_dd3f5c5697_c.jpgDSC_4757 by Whitney Misch, on Flickr

    Attempted some landscape recently, but it didn't turn out. Gotta get back out there. I need some more variety than all the dang concerts haha.

    [edit] eh, I guess here are these too

    32842242088_ced9b3ca59_c.jpgDSC_4094 by Whitney Misch, on Flickr

    39752287063_e1110ed6e2_c.jpgDSC_4040 by Whitney Misch, on Flickr

    32842242458_a49259a7f1_c.jpgDSC_4036 by Whitney Misch, on Flickr

    32842250148_1f5f60270b_c.jpgDSC_4092 by Whitney Misch, on Flickr

    39752290363_bd8877e98e_c.jpgDSC_4025 by Whitney Misch, on Flickr

    Sublimus on
    minor incidentCommunistCowLinddavidsdurionsProspicienceFawst
  • CommunistCowCommunistCow Registered User regular
    Those are some pretty damn cool pinball machine photos. I guess I never thought of that being a great subject to shoot. It just seems like they would be too busy and overwhelming to really have a focal point, but you did a great job overcoming that. I especially like the last one where the reflection covers the top part of the machine and forces the eyes downwards a bit. Great colors too.

    No, I am not really communist. Yes, it is weird that I use this name.
  • ProspicienceProspicience The Raven King DenvemoloradoRegistered User regular
    @CommunistCow great birb photos, I would say that owl looks as if he's going to plot our demise while we sleep. My good friend just switched from a 5D MKII to a MKIV and he was also quite happy with the age of wifi/gps and all the other hooplah that comes with modern cameras. Interested to see how you're liking the 6D MKII in the months to come, I'm still rockin the OG 6D myself. Trying to decide if I want to stay with canon or try something new with the fuji xt3... absolutely been in love with my XE2 these last couple years.

    Also as a side note, I've got my first gallery show on Feb. 1st at Mmm Coffee here in Denver, if you're free stop on by!

    @Sublimus Gotta agree with cow, those are some pretty damn appealing pinball machine photos man <3. Those second and third DJ photos are on point as well, perfect capture of color and lighting - not every day you can grab Rembrandt lighting at a concert haha.

    Took a trip to steamboat last weekend and am always inspired when I go there. Sometime I may just have to travel there to take photos as I absolutely am in love with the landscape... went telemark skiing while I was there with my 67 yr old aunt and 72 yr old uncle. Badasses, both of them. We skiid for 5 hours and neither of them ever sat down.

    46725253512_7f6336f0d3_c.jpgSunsetting by Lee Stonehouse, on Flickr

    46725251102_8f92e324ba_c.jpgSpotted by Lee Stonehouse, on Flickr

    46725244372_3f349c351e_c.jpgUphill by Lee Stonehouse, on Flickr

    45862928995_c9ed275821_c.jpgBack by Lee Stonehouse, on Flickr

    46725257762_6e4fc50f08_c.jpgUntitled by Lee Stonehouse, on Flickr

    46725256892_0b00dfc312_c.jpgCool by Lee Stonehouse, on Flickr

  • SublimusSublimus Registered User regular
    @Prospicience Gallery show!!! Congrats! Wish I could stop by haha. I need to find some excuse to get to to CO sometime anyhow. If/when that occurs, I will be letting you know.

  • CommunistCowCommunistCow Registered User regular
    Niiiice! Being in the First Friday Art Walk sounds pretty awesome.
    I shall try and get out of the house if I can. This whole "having a tiny human" thing makes that rather difficult.

    Do you already have what you are going to show picked out?

    No, I am not really communist. Yes, it is weird that I use this name.
  • Trajan45Trajan45 Registered User regular
    Hopefully this is the right post to ask this. I'm a complete novice about photography. We had a trip to the rainforest, so I grabbed an Olympus TG-5 since the humidity and rain were going to be an issue. Overall it worked out well. The macro mode was nice and I ended up using the scenery mode most of the time. The main drawback was the zoom, most wildlife doesn't like to get close haha.

    I was wondering about post? I read up on ISO, aperture, and all sorts of other beginner photography stuff before going. Now I'm wondering what would be a good program for a novice like me to try for post? Some of my photo's are overly bright so I figured that would need to be toned down. Along with a program, is there a good guide for what I should be looking to do in post? I know my first mistake was not setting the camera to save in RAW.

    Origin ID\ Steam ID: Warder45
  • ProspicienceProspicience The Raven King DenvemoloradoRegistered User regular
    @Sublimus Thanks man! Please do let me know if you decide to come this way, would be happy to gallivant around Colorado with ya.

    @CommunistCow Yeah, I'm pretty psyched about it but also understand that having a tiny human can make that kind of trek difficult haha. I do have my stuff already picked out and at the printers being printed right now - got one back and it looks really good so far. It's all the Reflection stuff I've been posting - a lot of it I haven't posted here but the one of the flatirons and a few of the building reflections I've posted are going to be part of it.

    @Trajan45 got myself a TG5 and haven't used it in a minute, but both of those modes are pretty amazing - the TG5 gets pretty noisy when you go above 400 or 800 ISO though, so be careful about that in the future. Looks like you can still locate the old versions of Photoshop (CS2) - Gimp is also an old "go to" if you want a free editing program.

  • bsjezzbsjezz Registered User regular
    edited January 23
    been a slow year for photography... i finally got two rolls processed today. i have another one i'm going to test my once-used chems on at some point, but i'm not wholly optimistic.

    these are on some old portra 160:

    The Motorburra Diaries by jeremy o., on Flickr

    The Jawa by jeremy o., on Flickr

    King's Red by jeremy o., on Flickr

    we also lost an SD card with a bunch of digital photos from a family camping trip. that stung... but we managed to recover the best ones from the office supply place's web store after we unsuccesfully tried to order prints online (leading to the SD card being hauled around and lost in the first place. figures). really glad they weren't all gone for good:

    Brotherly Love // Pebbly Beach by jeremy o., on Flickr

    bsjezz on
    Linddavidsdurionsdjmitchellabowenminor incident
  • CommunistCowCommunistCow Registered User regular
    So this was more of a spray paint / air brush project, but I was super happy with it and took some pictures with my studio lighting. There is a running joke at work about this Box that suddenly showed up one day with a note saying "Don't Open The Box". Many months and hijinks later my team has decided to make downed airplane theme scavenger hunt with The Box. So I turned it into an airplane black box.

    original box



    No, I am not really communist. Yes, it is weird that I use this name.
    ProspiciencedavidsdurionsSublimusminor incidentKashaar
  • ProspicienceProspicience The Raven King DenvemoloradoRegistered User regular
    Oh man, your version is way better than the original haha! Great product photos too, love the lighting - almost looks like a 3D model, although I think that's partly your paint job and partly the great photography as well. Really looks like an explosion or fire happened by part of the box!

  • anableanable Registered User regular
    Cool to see you guys still holding down the photo thread. I've been working on my art for the last few years and haven't picked up my DSLR in about as much time. This thread is a time warp for me. Hope everyone is having fun. 👍

  • bsjezzbsjezz Registered User regular
    few more from that portra roll:

    Portal to Dining Zone by jeremy o., on Flickr

    Steam // Sign by jeremy o., on Flickr

    Landscape III by jeremy o., on Flickr

    i also finally shot a roll of ilford b&w which @Baron Dirigible gifted me. it was literally my last roll of film and i put it off because (evidently) my b&w game is weak. i'm not super happy with the processing but i can defer that responsibility to the photo shop, i guess? maybe i can do something with the negs. or, more likely, they were just exposed poorly.

    Reclaim by jeremy o., on Flickr

    Grove / She-oaks by jeremy o., on Flickr

    Kashaarminor incidentLinddjmitchellaProspicienceSublimus
  • minor incidentminor incident Helen Keller to the bullshit Registered User regular
    I LOVE those first two photos @bsjezz

    Steam: minor incident || PSN: inter-punct
    You may not find all that you're after. In the end I hope it doesn't matter.
  • SublimusSublimus Registered User regular
    First attempt at baking. First attempt at food photography. Trying to trick myself into learning how to cook haha.


  • BlakoutBlakout Lordran's SpookylandRegistered User regular
    I have had no motivation to shoot for the past few months, but my friend hit me up to ask for help learning to lightpaint cars last week. I am wildly uneducated on the subject and unqualified to teach anyone anything, but we still got together at his detail shop to have a quick crash course/workshop/messing-around session with his daily driver Civic. This was shot using his equipment (Nikons are confusing and scary to me) and edited on his PC in under an hour so there are things I'm not thrilled about, but it was fun to get dragged back into shooting again and it's helped motivate me a bit.
    HONDA-FINAL-MAYBE_02 by Andrew Edgar, on Flickr

    Here are a couple of the other somewhat recent things I've shot that I don't think I posted here.
    IMG_1875-Edit-4 by Andrew Edgar, on Flickr

    This was sort of a happy accident; I didn't realize the town across the river from us was celebrating homecoming until we got to the top of this parking garage and heard fireworks. Probably would have chose a different location if I had planned it out, but I thought it was kind of cool regardless.
    IMG_1968-Edit2 by Andrew Edgar, on Flickr

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