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  • oldmankenoldmanken Registered User regular
    So, I’m thinking of trying to challenge myself in the new year, photographically.

    I have a bad tendency to just spray and pray with my shots, and then come back pull just a handful. So I think this coming year I am going to aim to be more selective in my shooting and try and shoot a digital “roll” every couple weeks (excluding the odd event or excursion). I’m planning to stick with a film simulation for each “roll”, and post the whole thing to Flickr or something.

    Honestly not sure how well I’ll manage, but would love to try and get better at this photography thing.

  • SublimusSublimus Artist. nowhereRegistered User regular
    Sounds like a fun challenge! I find I kind of swing back and forth between shooting too many, and being too picky about my shots. Finding and staying the sweet spot is hard haha.

  • oldmankenoldmanken Registered User regular
    I bought an X100V today, and OMG, the Classic Negative film simulation is awesome:

    50792708566_53816ed4a7_c.jpg976A8B3E-91B8-4751-AB5D-50B2E2B6C172 by Kenneth Hughes, on Flickr

  • oldmankenoldmanken Registered User regular
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    Alright, so have been playing around with just shooting Classic Neg and taking straight out of camera. The results are here:

    The snow shots are from today, and I live in central Texas!

    by Kenneth Hughes, on Flickr

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