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Tabletop RPGs at PAX2014?

dicefistdicefist Registered User regular
Hi All PaxAus buddies.
Interested in trying out Torchbearer and Dungeon World if anyone is running those this year?
If so hand my son and I 3 torches, 2 days rations and 30 feet of rope and sign us up!
Basic D&D was an absolute highlight of the Con last year. I went back in time to '82 with my Son. So awesome.



  • IcefuhrerIcefuhrer Registered User regular
    I was going to run an Eclipse Phase one shot last year but unfortuately I just didn't get enough interest on the forums (might need to try a different approach).
    This year I hope to run something a one shot scenario using simple narrative driven rules like Don't Rest Your Head or Strands of Fate (probably a Potterverse scenario I've cooked up). Though I still wouldn't mind running an Eclipse Phase or even a Pulp Cthulhu scenario.

  • WallStarWallStar The one... the only... the slightly overrated... CannonvaleRegistered User regular
    I really want to play some tabletops there but don't have much experience. If people don't mind newbies count me in for anything!

  • AdultCrashAdultCrash Registered User new member
    I'm keen to book some table top games at PAX - particularly keen on Eclipse Phase or something similar (transhuman), plus some Fate and some Savage Worlds. Oh, and D&D5e too!

  • ninnanuamninnanuam Registered User regular
    I didn't get a chance to play any last year but am looking forward to playing one (or a few this year) Nearly played in a Werewolf the Apocalypse game last year but I couldn't commit due to a lack of time. This year I'm gonna set aside some time specifically for RPGs

  • CatharaCathara Registered User new member
    I know a few people who would totally be up for some Eclipse Phase.

  • El Barto 227El Barto 227 Registered User regular
    I'd like to learn a tabletop RPG

  • antstillerantstiller Registered User new member
    Hey dicefist. I remember you and your son AND that map. You guys were awesome :)

  • delwyndelwyn Melbourne, AURegistered User regular
    @WallStar‌ beginners are definitely welcome to try out Table Top RPGs at PAX! Our force of volunteer GMs are prepped for first time players

    @AdultCrash‌ you should be happy to hear that in addition to @Icefuhrer‌, one of the scenarios being offered by our volunteer GM helpers is an Eclipse Phase game, plus there will be a FATE showcase on offer

    @El Barto 227‌ There'll be a bunch of RPGs running in Table Top all through PAX, so just come along and find one that you like the sound of and jump in!

    what @antstiller‌ neglected to mention is that he's returning again to PAX Aus and bringing his Classic D&D with him ;)

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  • NyogthaNyogtha Registered User regular
    Hi for those interested in Eclipse Phase style games I am running Nova Praxis (Kinda like a FATE Eclipse Phase which is also actually coming out soon too btw), I also could just run Eclipse Phase as well if there is enough interest (I could add that to my list of offered games).

  • dicefistdicefist Registered User regular
    @antstiller is the most supreme of all Dungeon Masters. We were lucky enough to join his table again, ZERO EDITION BABY, hands down the greatest game of D&D my son and I have played in our lives. And I played my first game in 1980. Bravo Ant, you are a legend mate.

    @nyogtha we might take you up on that, sounds rad. I look like a homeless Jack Black if he was out of luck and had recently been hit by a bus, and my son pretty much looks like an actual elf. I'll sniff around the RPG tables tomorrow shaking Noah's dice bag and mumbling "Nova Praxis."

  • dicefistdicefist Registered User regular
    (Can't post the map from Ant's game yet due to spoilers. If you can, get your ass to this man's table. The new editions with all their toys and crunch are cool and everything, I dig them, but this is the real shit in the hands of a maestro and will not disappoint. Bring a 10 foot pole, 50 feet of rope and a spare pair of undies. You will need them.)

  • AdultCrashAdultCrash Registered User new member
    Been having a excellent time at the RPG tables - FATE yesterday morning was great, Apocalypse World this morning was equally great (sorry I had to cut out early) and I also really enjoyed the D&D5e demo I played this afternoon - one person at the table had never played a RPG before and got a crit on his first shot in combat. we might have a convert... tomorrow The Strange!

  • NyogthaNyogtha Registered User regular
    Hey dicefist sorry we didn't get the game happening, next time! Glad you enjoyed the game adultcrash.

  • delwyndelwyn Melbourne, AURegistered User regular
    I'm glad people enjoyed the games we had on offer this year - many, many thanks go out to the GMs who volunteered their time.

    If there are any other GMs out there who are interested in running scenarios for attendees at PAX Aus next year, send me a pm with your contact details and I'll get in touch to discuss plans

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