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I have been thinking about doing BYOC this year, but I wanted to hear from people that have done it before. It sounds like a great place to go to relax while at PAX.

How is the internet speed? Can you bring a cooler? What if I have a group of 5 friends, can we have seats together? If I go 2 days and my husband goes the other 2 days can we share a BYOC pass since we won't be using them at the same time? It looks like since you can get into the convention center early, you have a head start while people are waiting in line to get in...is this the case?

Feel free to add any other info that might help an indecisive person like me make a decision about this.

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    I think most of your questions are probably answered via the BYOC FAQ in last year's prime thread and this year's East thread

    Short versions:
    internet speed: crap for internet, good for games
    yes, no ice, if it's very small
    group seating is available, I believe the min group size is 6 for that, otherwise it's FCFS during setup
    in general, you should not be sharing a byoc pass. I'm sure some people have in the past though.
    Last year the entrance from BYOC to expo was closed until 1030, so not really any head start.

    Probably shortly after badges go on sale the folks that run the PC room will put up a new BYOC thread for more BYOC info.

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    ZoidynZoidyn Registered User regular
    I've been doing BYOC the last two years and love it, doing it again this year. I did the group seating thing the first year, which was great as you get to reserve choice seats in advance. Watch the forums for group signup, which starts about 2-4 weeks before PAX. Last year I bought BYOC passes for myself and my son so we could both be there anytime we wanted. Added bonus - leveled up on the available table space for my gaming rig, which we shared. ;)

    I didn't find the internet speed to be too horrible, definitely slower but still usable. Everyone is cabled to network hubs which helps. Online games have been fine in my experience, with some lag when it gets busy there.

    I always bring a backpack of semi-healthy snacks, juice and water. And a bucket of red vines to share.

    BYOC Bonuses:
    Raffles - I've picked up some really sweet hardware
    Goofy games and competitions
    Get to drool over some really phenomenal computer setups that people bring
    A perfect retreat to relax and re-energize without leaving the convention

    The best part of BYOC for me is meeting new people, seeing old friends and joining in on spontaneous multiplayer games.

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    JulietJuliet Registered User regular
    Zoiden, that sounds wonderful. I have 3 kids until 12 and it would be nice for them to have a place to go. I am sure the DigiPen folks got tired of us hanging out with them the last couple of years. :-) We have all sorts of allergies and going to regular restaurants has been such a pain in the past, so I would love to buy stuff ahead. Last year we brought a backpack full of Trader Joe's wraps and salads and that worked nicely. Do they let people leave backpacks at the desks?

    There are 5 people in my family, should I buy 6 tickets so that we can get a block or buy the 5 and hope someone will be in a group with us? Thanks

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    You could go either way. 6 will guarantee you a block of seats. If you save your $ and don't get a 6th by the time group seating opens, you can always post in the BYOC thread that you're looking for one more person to make a group. Chances are good you'll find someone :)

    And yes, you can leave your stuff there. The setup is long double rows of tables, so lots of room to stash belongings under the table at your spot. Security is pretty good there - the enforcers are very strict about only allowing folks with BYOC badges in.

    BTW, don't know if it'll be the same this year but Digipen was right next to BYOC area last year.

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