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Hey all! I'm trying to get better at digital art, and this seems like the perfect place to hone my skills. Everyone seems really knowledge, and I eagerly look forward to people's advice.

Currently, my biggest hurdle is color... more specifically, shading. So, I'm gonna post some things I've been working on, and hopefully you guys can give me some good points.

The first up is a design of Stephanie Brown as Batgirl that's currently a WIP. I based the color scheme on a combination of her Spoiler costume and her Batgirl costume, and it's part of a Team Batgirl concept I'm still fleshing out. What do you guys think?


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    AlexSmithAlexSmith Registered User regular
    The line art is really nice and quite clean, and I really like the form/pose. The flats look nice but maybe consider reducing the saturation overall? It would create a nicer middle-tone that would carry across better.
    I reduced the saturation and changed the hue slightly and I think it still has that super-hero feel but doesn't hit you with the bright pink so much.

    As for shading, there's a few really good tutorials on this forum. Check out the monthly enrichment (April's is on colour!) and just work on it.

    Do you have any other examples of your work? I'd love to see them :)



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    case_racecase_race Box Office Smashed Registered User new member
    Thanks for the feedback. I see what you mean about the saturation, what you've shown definitely seems like more of cohesive scheme than pushing it as far as I did.

    I'll definitely add more work soon, it's kind of scattered in a lot of places... and of course more is always being made!

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    NightDragonNightDragon 6th Grade Username Registered User regular
    A tip I learned from a color theory class is that if you want to make your colors look unified, take one color and add a bit of it to all the other colors.

    It was meant as a tip for traditional paints, but it absolutely can be used in the digital realm, too.

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    Thanks, NightDragon. That's definitely true, most digital techniques are based on their long-standing traditional ancestors.

    This is an older piece I did of an Aquaman redesign. I based it off a wetsuit, and tried to mix different textures (shiny, mesh, etc). Unfortunately, it didn't make the cut for the contest I designed it for :(


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