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For me one of the best things about comics has always been reading while listening to music. Last year when I started getting back into reading comics it always felt like something was missing. I recently got a new tablet. What with my daughter turning 8 and getting to that phase where she actually pays attention to what I am watching\listening to\reading I also got a nicer pair of headphones. It all fell into place then, what was missing was BLARING tunes. In my mind the Pixies will always be tied to Daredevil and the death of Electra. Captain America seems to stomp bad guys better with Bad Religion signing about the downfall of society. (lol most of my reading and listening was in the late 80s to 90's)

Is that just me? Do you find yourself tying A comic to a album or genre of music? I mean to me that was one of the only good things about the daredevil movie was the music kinda meshed with the soundtrack of my mind.

Also if any one finds themselves of the same mind set suggested pairings would be awesome!

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