undeadasimov's fundead art showoff

undeadasimovundeadasimov Registered User regular
I made some drawings. I'm posting them in hopes that i can get some feed back with opinions and criticisms.



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    beckerskullsbeckerskulls Registered User regular
    Heya, undeadasimov! If you're looking for feedback, it might be helpful for forumers to know a little more about what you're going for. Do you have any artistic goals in mind? Is there any particular skill level you'd like to work toward or style you'd like to work in? Basically, how can we help you?

    (As is, 1 and 3 are a little large, in the future you might want to shrink 'em down just a bit).

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    undeadasimovundeadasimov Registered User regular
    oh, that's my bad. I like to think of myself as a cartoonist. That would be my goal i suppose. I was having some trouble with sizing things, sorry if it's an eye soar.

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