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[BattleTech] Death From Above! Current Events now added to OP.



  • TiglissTigliss Registered User regular
    So, the game is out. Let's martial our forces and start working on an Oosik mod. Seems important for a canon unit. :biggrin:

  • nonoffensivenonoffensive Registered User regular
    Every day has a Beer:30 event where you get to choose between drinking, drinking and more drinking! Maybe one day it won't trigger because your whole crew is still sleeping off yesterday.

  • InquisitorInquisitor Registered User regular
    Got a game of Btech in today:

    Taught my friend how to play, he said he was initially a bit intimidated but by the end he got it.

    I asked if he thought his wife might be interested as well, and he said lance on lance might be a little much. I suggested maybe something where I run OpFor and each player runs one mech? He responded, "Oh maybe we can get a couple more and do something like Death From Above, have you heard of that?"

    It took all my willpower not to grab him by the shoulders and shake him and yell "Yes, yes I will run that for you starting yesterday."

    So I guess I gotta look into the RPG rules now.

  • FuselageFuselage Bantha Three ValhallaRegistered User regular
    Welp, lost Behemoth and Dekker on a pirate moon due to poor leadership.

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