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  • About the game

It's terribly simple, really: keep climbing. And collect stars. And customise your climber. Oh, and you might want to brush up on a few new swear words in case the ones you know wear out.
  • It's Free to play!

And by that I don't mean 'free to wait until you get your lives/energy back tomorrow'. I mean 'free to play'. As much as you like. This may prove to be an idiotic decision but frankly I can't bear the idea that the prevailing mobile business model is the only one that can work.
  • Ah crap, there's IAP...

Don't panic: it's nothing too horrific.

If you enjoy the game and like customising your climber, you may want to dip down into the 'add stars' screen and make a purchase. I've tried to be as humane as possible; as it stands even the most enthusiastic crafter shouldn't need to spend more than £3. Any purchase at all will get rid of ads, too.
  • Coming Soon:

Customisable leaderboards - make a high score table just for you and your friends.
Get your Climber showcased on the Play Store in the screenshots for the game!

What's that? The URL again? Sure: here you go. Or just search for Clamber on the Play store.

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    Play Clamber for free now on Android! Download it here!
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    Gah! New stuff! Kill it!

    The latest version of Clamber is now up on the Play store, with excellent new features like:
    • Leaderboards! Create one to share with your friends, or join "Clamber" (password: Clamber) and try to beat my high-score. (Pro Tip: You won't.)
    • Facebook integration! No, not the annoying spammy kind; the sort where you can share a convenient link for friends to join your leaderboard with just a couple of taps.
    • Prizes! We're running competitions, including daily fastest-finger-first gift codes, to win silly amounts of stars.
    • New Sections to clamber through! I also added analytics to see which bits are causing you all the most grief, and boy do we have a winner on our hands... I'll be posting tips via Funlittlegames on Facebook soon

    Play Clamber for free now on Android! Download it here!
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