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Clamber! (Android)

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  • About the game

It's terribly simple, really: keep climbing. And collect stars. And customise your climber. Oh, and you might want to brush up on a few new swear words in case the ones you know wear out.
  • It's Free to play!

And by that I don't mean 'free to wait until you get your lives/energy back tomorrow'. I mean 'free to play'. As much as you like. This may prove to be an idiotic decision but frankly I can't bear the idea that the prevailing mobile business model is the only one that can work.
  • Ah crap, there's IAP...

Don't panic: it's nothing too horrific.

If you enjoy the game and like customising your climber, you may want to dip down into the 'add stars' screen and make a purchase. I've tried to be as humane as possible; as it stands even the most enthusiastic crafter shouldn't need to spend more than £3. Any purchase at all will get rid of ads, too.
  • Coming Soon:

Customisable leaderboards - make a high score table just for you and your friends.
Get your Climber showcased on the Play Store in the screenshots for the game!

What's that? The URL again? Sure: here you go. Or just search for Clamber on the Play store.

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  • PeelingPeeling Mr UKRegistered User regular
    Gah! New stuff! Kill it!

    The latest version of Clamber is now up on the Play store, with excellent new features like:
    • Leaderboards! Create one to share with your friends, or join "Clamber" (password: Clamber) and try to beat my high-score. (Pro Tip: You won't.)
    • Facebook integration! No, not the annoying spammy kind; the sort where you can share a convenient link for friends to join your leaderboard with just a couple of taps.
    • Prizes! We're running competitions, including daily fastest-finger-first gift codes, to win silly amounts of stars.
    • New Sections to clamber through! I also added analytics to see which bits are causing you all the most grief, and boy do we have a winner on our hands... I'll be posting tips via Funlittlegames on Facebook soon

    Davenport is an app designed to help writers plot and plan their creative works. Download the alpha here!
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