PacMan-esque puzzler, Antibody Assault Now Available Free (iOS, Android)

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From Troll Inc comes the latest game in the Jellyflug series - Antibody Assault!

This ‘love letter to Pac-Man’, Antibody Assault is an exciting maze game featuring the cutest of the gross microbes in your body. You are the body’s first line of defence against bacteria as you eat all the germs and collect power-ups to defeat the enemies and get the highest score.
  • Play over 45 maze levels taking you all around the body.
  • Upgrade your power-ups, such as invisibility, time freeze and magnets to boost scores.
  • Become the chaser and turn the tables on your enemies in Assault Mode.
  • Log in with Facebook to make bragging about your high score even easier.
  • Intuitive touch controls for simple movement through the mazes.

Antibody Assault is free on iOS and Android!
Check out our trailer and click here for more information. 002.png

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